Girls Share Owner's Angry Reaction To Their Prank, But Audience Sides With Him

A TikToker's followers turned on her after she posted a prank video to the platform.

It wasn't much of a prank, really — just a group of young women opening up the closed window to a food truck — but it was enough for the commenters to call out the TikToker's bad behavior.

"Hellooooo New York😍"

TikTok | @nnnardone

This is how the video is captioned, as if trying to break into an obviously closed food truck is some kind of quintessential Big Apple experience.

The video is kind of infuriating, honestly. I think TikTok may have been a mistake all along.


TikTok | @nnnardone

She succeeds in pulling open the food truck window. I don't really know what the punchline or prank here is. I mean, she saw a closed door, and then she opened it up. It isn't like it's a creative or imaginative move.

The owner wasn't happy.

TikTok | @nnnardone

Understandably, the owner was a bit surprised to see a gaggle of TikTokers opening up his clearly closed food truck. He had a few choice words, slapped their grasping hands away, and slammed the door closed.

It's probably a good idea not to do this.

TikTok | @nnnardone

I don't think the owner did anything that crossed the line here, but it's easy to envision a scenario where a person whose business and privacy was invaded in this way would react more violently.

Comments were a bit of a mixed bag.

TikTok | @nnnardone

I thought that the TikToker and her friends were being total jerks here, and while many commenters shared this opinion, a surprising number seemed to think that the stunt made for good content.

How can you *not* be on the guy's side?

TikTok | @nnnardone

He was closing up for the night, likely after a long and busy day, and then this happened. It would be super annoying, and I think he was totally justified in cussing them out.

It's just a prank, bro.

TikTok | @nnnardone

I suppose it is true that the prank didn't hurt anybody, but how would you expect the guy to react? It wasn't funny to him, and I can't see a scenario where it would be funny to him.

Of course, the comments section turned against itself.

TikTok | @nnnardone

Because online discourse in 2021 is basically an open sewer, things got nasty. Start with a vague, unfounded rumor, then get into an argument that no one's going to win and no one's going to back down from.

It's disrespectful, plain and simple.

TikTok | @nnnardone

TikTok trends have unfortunately led to stuff like this: people doing mean, disrespectful or even harmful stuff, all in the name of a viral video. Since the video has indeed gone viral, I guess this TikToker achieved her goals.

Check out the full vid for yourself.

Before you click on it, you might want to turn down your volume. The dumb shrieking might be enough to destroy your earbuds.

Let us know what you think of this whole TikTok fiasco in the comments below.

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