Creative Mom Makes Hilarious Skeleton Scenes In Her Yard Every Day

It's October, and that means everything is right with the world.

One Facebook user decided to celebrate October by dressing some lawn skeletons up for each day of the month, and the idea quickly went viral. Now, the skeletons are a smash hit.

So, who are these skeletons? Who owns them, and what do they get up to each day? Let's find out.

Meet Pearl and Pauly.

They're the beloved skeletons owned by Melissa Baker, a creative mom from Paris, Texas with a love for Halloween.

Each day of October, Melissa dresses Pearl and Pauly up in a different scene on her front lawn.

She explained that her ideas just come to her.

"Most of the time it just kinda pops in my head," she wrote on Facebook. "Other times it's something my mom or someone suggests, or someone tags me in something and I work off of that."

The neighborhood immediately fell in love with the pair.

And the pair fell in love with each other! Pearl and Pauly were betrothed on the 5th and married on the 6th. Aw, romance!

Melissa's shenanigans delighted the neighbors, and eventually caught the eye of the local news.

The skeletons got a taste of fame on October 9th.

"Would you get a load of these egomaniacs?? One little local news article and they think they're famous. Sheesh."

Melissa and her skeletons made it onto My Paris Texas website, where they were celebrated for their creativity. Predictably, Melissa did most of the talking.

According to Melissa, all of this happened by accident.

"It really started by accident. Our daughter got a kick out of my dressing it up last year and when I posted it on Facebook, people really seemed to enjoy it. So, I just kept it going," she told the news outlet.

Even Ginny and Harry came to hang!

Halloween wouldn't be complete without some Harry Potter, would it? For October 12th, Melissa opted to dress the skeletons up as Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. No sign of their kids, however!

Some of the scenes are hysterical.

"Pearl gets a sweet new vest from Goodwill and all of a sudden thinks she's a cowgirl I guess." Damn, Pearl! Gotta keep her man in line, I guess. Good for her.

Pearl and Pauly sure do know how to live it up.

We're only halfway through the month, so who knows what Pearl and Pauly will get up to by Halloween! I'm thinking an encounter with some witches, perhaps?

She even did a scene for a very special day...

The premiere day for Halloween Kills! I already have my tickets, and I am READY to see Jamie Lee Curtis do her Final Girl thing.

What do you think of this lawn tradition? Do you love it? Let me know!