Woman Shows Off Her Love Of Dachshunds With A Creative 'Halloweenie' Display

I absolutely love how hard people go for Halloween.

People love to decorate their yards with absolutely insane displays — take the giant Home Depot skeleton, for example — but this one just might take the cake.

One hilarious Facebook user posted their yard display in a Dachshund Lovers Facebook group, and it is too good to miss. Let's check it out!

Time for walkies!

"My Halloween outside decor is up," Diane Alves posted in Dachshund Lovers on Facebook.

I am so about that tiny fleet of Dachshund dogs! I love that each one has a different colored leash.

It gets better.

While the first couple wrangles their small fleet of dogs, another walker is after a Dachshund for stealing its arm! This setup is so creative and so cute, and only a LITTLE creepy.

People loved it.

"No bones about you can NEVER get enough wiener dogs!!!" one user commented.

Oh, so the Dachshund Facebook group has JOKES, huh? Alright, I salute them for that A+ pun work.

A lot of people wanted to know where they came from.

Like all good things, it's available at Target! Because, of course it is.

What do you think of this yard set-up? Would you do the same thing with your dogs?