People Are Divided On How Man Got Revenge After Catching His GF Cheating

Getting cheated on is one of the worst feelings in the world. Loving someone and giving your all to them is definitely a hard thing to do, and then having them throw it in your face is even worse.

Many people want to get revenge as soon as they can when they are cheated on, so the other person feels that same pain, too.

One Reddit user opened up online about how he decided to get revenge on his cheating girlfriend.

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The guy shared that he had caught his long-term girlfriend cheating on him the week before Valentine's Day, and he consulted Reddit to get some ideas for how to seek revenge.

After racking up a ton of comments, he planned an entire elaborate plan to get his revenge on her.

He made reservations to go to dinner, acting as if everything was normal.

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He also, however, packed up all of his girlfriend's things from his apartment and brought it to her place when he met her for their date. While she was showering, he put the bag in her closet.

In the bag, he also added a few condoms as part of his revenge plot.

He wanted the condoms to make her think that he also cheated on her.

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Additionally, he went into her phone and deleted his number from it. He then found "Theo," the guy she had cheated with, and changed the phone number to his own (for later on in this revenge plot).

After making them cocktails at her place, which he spit into, the two were ready to go to dinner.

At dinner, he played it calm and cool.

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They had a nice romantic meal together at the restaurant as if everything was fine, but he was building up to a bigger ending. He texted his friend from the bathroom to meet him at the restaurant in a half-hour.

Then, he suggested they go for a walk.

On their walk, things got heated.

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While they were walking, he stopped and asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell him. The girlfriend was "confused" and lied, saying no.

Then, he admitted to knowing about Theo and said he had found him on Facebook. The girlfriend began bawling her eyes out, and even the boyfriend cried, too.

Then, he pulled out a ring box.

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"I told her that I honestly believed she was the girl I was going to spend the rest of my life with (which was true) and pulled out a jewelry ring box from my coat," he said.

The ring was $15 and cheap but was there for effect.

"I told my girlfriend I'd had it for a while but wasn't going to need it anymore. I threw the box into the lake and it totally looked real because of the tears in my eyes," he said.

She was crying, begging him to forgive her.

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The boyfriend decided to leave her in tears, walking back to the restaurant to meet his friend who was picking him up.

He then texted her from his phone (which is now saved in HER phone as Theo), pretending to be him and saying he never wants to see her again.

While the guy is proud and happy of his revenge plot that went off "seamlessly," many people on Reddit had mixed opinions.

One person said the condom thing was a "bad call" because now she won't feel as guilty about cheating if she thinks that the boyfriend also cheated on her, too.

Others found that the entire revenge plot was a bit immature and childish.

Others liked parts of the revenge story.

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While many agreed that the condoms were a "bad call," people online thought that the gas station ring was a hilarious and perfect way to seek revenge on someone who hurt them so badly.

However, many do believe that this girl will feel "better" that he's out of her life for being such a jerk.

What do you think?