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One Woman Prepares Lunch For Her 'Fussy' Husband Every Day, But The Internet Isn't On Her Side

Women wear many hats. Some are wives, some are mothers, and some are employees and working at the same time. While each of these roles has a special amount of duties that need to be accomplished, some go above and beyond to get the job done and do it well.

However, not everyone is super appreciative of all of their efforts and doesn't see how hard women work.

Women are usually the sole cooks in the house.

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From breakfast to lunch to dinner, even if women are working outside the home, they're also responsible for cooking for the family.

And, making individual meals and meals for the whole family takes a lot of work!

Social media has proven that many moms make their kids elaborate lunches.

All across Instagram and TikTok, moms have shared their innovative, creative, and colorful lunchboxes that they send to school with their kids.

Some moms go the extra mile and make shapes, leave notes, and make it extra special.

We can appreciate a mom who does this for their children.

A mom that goes the extra mile for her children is very sweet and thoughtful.

But, what about moms who go above and beyond like this for everyone in their household, including their husband? Is it still sweet?

One mom tested this theory when she shared photos from her husband's "special lunch."

One Australian mom in the Facebook group "Lunchbox Ideas Australia" shared images of the lunch she makes for her 3-year-old son, but also the lunch she makes for her adult husband every day.

She had a few complaints associated with the photo.

She claimed her husband is "fussy."


"My husband is fussier than the three-year-old, he likes a super simple lunch," she wrote.

The photo showcased two lunches side-by-side, one with a solid display of the entire food pyramid, and another with cold pizza and less appetizing lunch items.

People on Facebook had a lot to say about this woman's lunch packing.

Some said that her husband is a grown adult and if he's so "fussy" about what she makes him for lunch, then she shouldn't be making him lunch at all.

Instead, many said he should make his own damn lunch.

Others agreed, saying moms don't have to "slave" to their husbands.

Some people said that making these lunches for kids is justified, they can't seem to understand why women want to make more—for their husbands—especially if he complains. Count them out of the equation.

However, some said it was "sweet."

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Others online thought that the food looked great and that the fact that she makes her husband meals every day is very sweet and thoughtful.

I guess that is the side of Facebook who truly loves their husbands.

All in all, it seems as though the people are divided.

Some people agreed that making lunch for a grown adult every day is a bit too much, others said that it was extremely sweet and very romantic that this wife wanted to make her husband lunches every day.

It may be sweet but, I don't think I'll be making my husband's lunch for him every morning. That's a hard pass for me.