14+ Good Ideas That Really Ought To Catch On

The world needs outside-the-box thinkers. They see things from such a new, interesting perspective, creating little differences that can mean a lot.

So here's to them, a (virtual) toast. From those of us without that kind of creativity, thank you. Let's take a look at some ideas they've come up with; here are 14+ good ideas that really ought to catch on.

"Wife said she wanted a small coffee table."

This is a joke, but with someone who constantly has a mug with him, I'd love it. It deserves its own pedestal.

"This humane mouse trap has a little tray for water."

And it gives him a nice little home? Those mice are living better than I do.

"The new house my parents bought has a secret room hidden under the stairs."

Why don't more houses have secret rooms? Like, why wouldn't you want one? That's the coolest feature you could have!

"My tub of sweets came with a little set of tongs."

I understand that these are likely meant fot sharing, but thinking I wouldn't eat this all for myself is laughable.

"The fact that they lit all the individual branches."

Probably the biggest pain the ass to put up, but so, so worth it.

"My mom bought a coat with a security tag meant to be left on by the cashier, then removed once the customer decides they won't return it."

I'm so tired of losing receipts. Please, please make this more widespread!

"This T-Shirt I bought has been compressed into a perfect cube."

Not sure if this is actually better in any way, but it looks funky and that's all that matters.

Precious freezer space.

This uploader went on to explain what they find so neat about this packaging, "To save space I normally bag what's left of a frozen meal and cut out the cooking instructions from the box to save. But this panko shrimp has the instructions on the box and the bag inside. Nice!"

"A friend of mine has red toilet paper."

It doesn't have to be red, but colorful toilet paper would make life just a little more interesting.

"My dads Christmas town tree."

Faster setup time, looks cool, no ornaments for my cat to shatter, I love it!

"My boyfriend stores his olive oil in a glass skull."

Everything looks cooler in a skull bottle. That's just a fact of life.

"The restaurant I went to gave soy sauce in these little fish packets."

Little novelty food packets will always be the world's greatest creation.

"These notebooks with floppy disk covers."

With all the floppy disks just laying around now, they have to be used for something.

"My fiancé always writes his shopping list on his typewriter."

You're saying if you had a type writer you wouldn't write everything you could on it?

"This pen given to foreigners in Pyongyang, North Korea has a pull-out map of the city's entire subway system inside."

I need this but for the city I actually live in. I'm not good with directions or public transit.

"This tooth paste that comes with a roller on the end."

Admittedly, I've never been a roll-from-the-back guy simply because I'm lazy. This would genuinely help.

"This Christmas tree farm has Newfies that will cart your tree to your car for you."

Who needs reindeer when you could have Christmas Newfies instead!

"Some construction sites lift their generators up overnight to prevent theft."

I never considered generator theft to be a problem, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

"[The] way their fake grass hides the storm drain."

Doesn't hide it well enough if you still saw it, but it can be improved. We have the technology.

"This is a passenger aircraft with the seats removed so we can fly PPE to those in need."

This is a great idea! Keeps airlines busy with so few people flying and it helps deliver precious cargo.

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