TikTok Hack Keeps The Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Using An Iron

When was the last time you ironed your clothes? I have to admit it's been a while for me. Basically, it's one of my least favorite household chores next to doing laundry, period.

I pretty much hang up my clothes or fold them haphazardly and shove them inside of my drawers. But apparently, there's a better way of doing it. Okay?

So, how do you deal with your laundry?

Unsplash | Dan Gold

Do you take care of it right away? Or do you let it sit there for days on end? If you do the latter, you might have a big problem. That problem is — wrinkles.

Oh yes, you know what I'm talking about, haha.

Those pesky wrinkles are so annoying. Am I right? How do you get rid of them and fast? Well, you can resort to using the dreaded iron. Oh, no! Not another task!

I don't know about you, but I can't stand ironing.

It's one task I rather avoid at all costs. So I was thrilled when I recently stumbled upon this TikTok video which claims to eliminate it altogether. OMG, let's take a look.

TikTok user @effectivespaces has a few techniques that she says get your clothes wrinkle-free.

Come again? I bet you're all ears now, huh? I know, I am too, ha, ha! So check this video out and let me know which method resonates with you.

Ahh, I can't decide, she's too fast.

Am I right? Okay, I've made my choice. I pick the last one. The middle one seems way too confusing for me, and that flip would totally mess everything up. Do you agree with me?

So how do any of these techniques actually eliminate wrinkles?

Unsplash | Lena Kudryavtseva

It looks like the idea here is to fold sweaters up into neat little packages so that they won't get balled up and wrinkled in your drawers. If you ever followed Marie Kondo, it's similar to the folding technique she uses.

She also claims that you can do this backward so you can see the logo.

Ah, that's right. It does make sense to me. I like to see what my clothes actually look like when I have folded them. Am I weird or what?

Who else found this video quite satisfying to watch?

I sure did, but my one criticism would be to slow it down a bit, ha, ha! I wonder how she learned all these cool folding techniques, huh? Is there a school for that, lol?

So what do you think of these folding methods?

Do you think they actually help to reduce wrinkles? I need to try at least one of them to find out for myself. They also eliminate bulk so you can save some space, and I absolutely love that.