Mom's Time-Saving Hack To Put Laundry Away Goes Viral

Household chores can be a pain in the butt. Am I right? Which one is your least favorite?

For me, it definitely has to be the laundry. Not only is it time-consuming with all the washing and drying, but also hanging up the clothes afterward. Is there a faster way to do it? Now there is, thanks to this TikTok video.

One mom who posts on TikTok used to work in retail, so she knows a thing or two about hanging up clothes.

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She was very kind to share a trick she now uses to hang up her laundry and put clothes away more quickly. Are you all ears?

So, you know how you just pick up your shirts one by one and put them on the hanger?

Well, apparently, this isn't the most efficient way. Not by a long shot! This lady's method is going to save you some precious time.

What she does is she grabs each shirt and puts her arm through the neck hole and out the bottom.

She then stacks all the shirts on her arm. Next, she grabs a bunch of hangers and is ready to do her magic.

Then, she takes one hanger and puts her hand over the top of it, and pulls it through the last shirt on her arm.

VoilĂ ! The shirt comes out perfectly right on the hanger. Then, she hangs that shirt up.

She proceeds to do this with all the shirts on her arm.

And that's it, folks! That's the entire hack. Doesn't this look so much faster than doing it the old-fashioned way? I think so and so do the people who saw this video.

Since this lady posted her first video doing her thing, people literally freaked out.

Her video got 6,000,000 views, y'all! Wow! Isn't that quite mind-blowing or what? I guess pretty much everybody wants to do their laundry faster, ha, ha!

So is hanging laundry this way really faster, you ask?

Well, she actually did a follow-up video where she set up a clock. According to her, doing it the other way is three seconds slower. So you won't save a ton of time, but it does add up in the end.

I mean, if you're going to hang up about 60 shirts, you will save yourself one minute of your life, ha, ha!

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

I don't know about you, but I never hang up that many shirts at once. But if you have a large household, it might be worth a try.

There is one thing I have to point out about this hack.

And that is the fact that doing it this way will save your necklines from getting stretched out. Just the other day, I was trying to squeeze a hanger through the neck. Yeah, don't do that!

It's so funny when you read comments on TikTok videos.

Some people give praise, others find something wrong with the idea, and some complain they didn't find out about it sooner, ha, ha! So which one of those people are you?

Some people questioned the viral status of this video.

They were baffled by it and said it takes just as long putting the clothes on your arm. Do you agree with their assessment of this technique? I can't say for sure without trying it out.

Then this lady shared her technique.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I guess it's hard to envision it unless you actually see it. That's the whole appeal of these quick TikTok video tutorials. Once you see it, you get it.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks TikTok is teaching us a whole new way of doing things.

These ladies seem to agree with me on this one. Maybe there will be some kind of TikTok Academy soon, hehe.

So what's your take on this laundry hack?

Is worth all the hype? I think I'm going to do it next time I'm hanging up my shirts. I want to see if it's really more efficient to do it that way.

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