Woman's PSA To Men Everywhere Reminds Them To Leave The Decorative Towels Alone

As we enter what I call the "festive season," there are a few things we need to discuss. For example, why do men always seem to use our decorative towels? Don't they know that their only purpose in life is to pretty up our house?

Well, as it turns out — no! Guys don't understand these things, and they need to be told how the towel system works, hee-hee.

Okay, let's go over this again, so there's no misunderstanding.

Guys, when you see towels folded perfectly in a vertical manner, don't touch them. It's especially true when you see some pretty sayings or decorations on them. Hands off, man. Get it?

You see, your wife spent time picking them up to go with a corresponding season.

Unsplash | Jacek Dylag

So you may see some for Thanksgiving, the general fall season, Christmas, Easter, and so on. They usually hang in your kitchen or even the bathroom.

I know this might seem a little confusing but bear with me.

Your first clue is that these usually come decorated in orange pumpkins, snowflakes, and dancing turkeys. And they say things like, "Happy Harvest," "'Tis the Season," and the like.

If you see any of them hanging around your house, don't touch them.

Unsplash | Afif Kusuma

Or better yet, ask your wife. That way, you will surely avoid getting her mad, and I bet that is one thing in life that you don't want to do. Am I right?

I recently stumbled upon a funny PSA post on Facebook you need to check out.

This one wife had enough, so she basically told all husbands what not to do. And her friendly reminder struck a chord with all the other ladies, ha, ha!

I love the fact that she was really blunt.

She called them out for using these decorative towels to dry their "disgusting" hands after working in the garage. She also told them not to dry dishes or wipe the counters with them.

Her post resonated with other ladies so much that it went viral.

She got about 200,000 shares and around 30,000 likes. Oh my goodness, ha, ha! I guess this happens in way too many households. Am I right? And all the ladies had enough.

I hope some guys read this post too.

So perhaps they can start getting it from now on. I saw at least a few ladies tag their fellas in it. That way, they can read it and remember it for the future.

So what do you think of this hilarious PSA?

Is this lady right for calling all guys out on this? Or is she just complaining about something insignificant? I get it. My fiancé has done it on occasion, too, and I had to explain the purpose of "decorative" towels to him, hee-hee.