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Ch-ch-ch-Child! Chia Pet Now Has A Baby Yoda Decorative Planter

You'd think that I would be getting tired of all the Baby Yoda products on the market. But you'd be wrong.

Give me all The Child stuffies and cards and ice cream cones.

I mean, seriously, it cannot get too weird when it comes to me and Baby Yoda items.

I like to think of the little guy as a pet of sorts.

The kind of pet that requires very little tending. Kind of like Chia Pets. Remember those?

Well, as it turns out, there's now a Baby Yoda Chia Pet.

Yes, you read that right. Chia Pet, the ludicrous yet beloved DIY planter from the '70s now has a Chia Pet version of The Child aka Baby Yoda. It's available from a number of online retailers, including Amazon!

It works just like all other Chia Pets.

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Except, instead of the greenery supplanting fur or hair (as it does in the case of animals like dogs and sheep, and humans like Bob Ross), it grows around Baby Yoda, providing him with a lush nesting place.

If you're more of a classic "Star Wars" fan, perhaps this Yoda Chia Pet is more up your alley.


I know it's not the same, but he's still pretty cute — and probably wiser. Both The Child and classic Yoda Chis Pets are available in the Amazon Chia Pet store.

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