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Adorable 'Boo Breaker' Decoration Is The Friendly Ghost Your House Needs This Halloween

Did you ever see that episode of Friends when Monica inherits an epic dollhouse and she invites Phoebe to play? So, Phoebe shows up with a bunch of accessories, including a giant dog and a tissue that's meant to be a ghost? (Bear with me, I'm going somewhere with this.) Her explanation for the tissue was that every house needs a ghost.

And now, you can have one too in the form of this super cute 'Boo Breaker.' (Thanks for sticking with me on this journey.)

This little ghost is spooktacular.

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Without having to open your window, this little ghost looks like it's flying through the glass, just like magic.

It's made of two pieces that create the illusion with the use of suction cups that attach to each side of the glass.

If you've got it, haunt it!

Oriental Trading

The Boo Breaker is strong enough to withstand wind and other ghastly weather conditions. Plus, the suctions make it easy to move around and successfully haunt every room in the house.

The Boo Breaker is simply faboolous.

The Boo Breaker is made from two polyester ghost parts that scarily burst straight into the windows, and dare we say, straight into our hearts.

This cutie spooks the truth.

We don't take ghosting lightly around here, but this cutie can visit anytime!

Get it on Oriental Trading for around $35.

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