Succulent-Shaped Ravioli Exist For People Who Love Houseplants And Pasta

Pasta artists are on another level.

One clever pasta chef discovered he could create works of art with his pasta skills. From there, succulent ravioli was born!

So, what's succulent ravioli, and can you really eat it? Let's find out together!

You are NOT going to believe this.

But this? It's ravioli. I KNOW! Pasta chef Dan Freeman created tiny little succulents that look real, but are actually made of pasta, and stuffed with cheese! I want to shove one of those in my mouth right now.

Dan went viral on TikTok after showing off his succulents.

He amassed 17-million views showing people how he makes his ravioli! He uses a cookie cutter to cut the shape, then pipes a mix of ricotta and parmesan. My mouth? It's watering.

They look super cute cooked, too!

Dan places them in a pan full of boiling water and lets them cook from the base up, allowing the steam to cook the "leaves" of the succulents.


I would totally eat ravioli succulents. And the best part? They're not that hard to make! Head on over to Danny's TikTok to learn how he makes them, and happy snacking!