Crochet Noodles Exist For People Whose Love Languages Are Carbs And Crafts

You've heard of crochet flowers and succulents. You've seen the crochet Jeff Goldblum. Now, it's time for something new: crochet food.

Crocheter and artist Normalynn Ablao came up some crochet pasta patterns that will have you wondering if you're looking at food, or yarn.

Check this out.

How cool is this? This plate of "ricotta ravioli" looks so real that I would actually like to eat it, thank you very much. And those little feta cheese crumbles? So cool!

Reviewers love them!

"So cute, easy patterns to follow and a great addition to my toddler's play kitchen!" One reviewer wrote.

What a great idea to use this in a kid's kitchen!

Ablao sells the patterns on Etsy!

She has patterns for bow-tie pasta, fettuccine, penne rigate, ravioli, and tortellini!

All six patterns are included in what Ablao calls her "Pasta Party" pack on Etsy. You can get it for $8.50!

And if you have more of a sweet tooth...

Never fear, Ablao has patterns for sweets, too! From cinnamon buns to cake, you can crochet any sweet treat.

So, what do you think of crocheted food? I think it's adorable!