Satisfying Succulent Arrangements Look Like Planters Full Of Rainbows

For me, there's few things cooler in this world than plants that come in really unexpected colors.

Picture a succulent. It's green, right? Of course it is! Most non-flowering plants are. However, succulents come in a huge variety of colors, and some clever plant parents took advantage of that fact in a big, colorful way. Let's check it out!

Fancy a cuppa?

How cute is this? People are planting their succulents in all sorts of creative ways, including inside tea cups! I'd take a sip of that rainbow, for sure.

I am obsessed.

What I really love about this one is the large variety of succulents! You've got some spiky boys, some puffy boys, some pearly boys, and some regular boys. Nice.

They'd also make amazing pride decor.

Not to sound like a stereotypical member of the rainbow community (gay, that's code for gay), but I 100% would put rainbow succulents all over my house. Pride month decor, but make it aesthetic (sorry, rainbow flags... you're a little ugly for me).

Basically, rainbow succulents > all other plants.

Trust and believe I WILL be making myself a rainbow succulent arrangement this summer. Mine will be made of faux succulents due to my inability to keep plants alive, but still. It'll be cute!