Woman Threatened By Ex-Fiancé After She Gave His Family Ring To Charity Drive

Breakups are rarely easy. Sure, we've all got that one friend who claims that they only ever have amicable breakups, but that friend is normally lying!

One woman's experience of trying to return her ex-fiancé's family ring to him turned into a nightmare, and left her feeling as though she may have gone too far.

The woman explained that her and her ex-fiancé have been split for three years at this point.

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The woman posted her story in Reddit's Am I The Asshole subreddit.

"My ex and I broke up 3 years ago. I’ve contacted him multiple times in the past asking him to either take it, to give me his new address so I can send it to him or to agree to me selling it. He hasn’t responded to any of these requests so after 3 years I finally decided to get rid of it by donating it to the fund raiser," she started her story by writing.

The fund raiser in question was a friend of her's fund raiser with all of the money going towards the construction of an orphanage.

They had warned their ex that they would donate the ring if they did not respond.

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She then explained, "I even sent my ex a confirmation text to let him know I no longer had the ring, this was a few weeks ago and he never responded."

However, the other day, the ex-fiancé turned up out of the blue at her front door, despite her never having given him her new address, furiously demanding the ring be returned.

Concerned as to how he knew her address, she explained that he would have to bid for it at the charity drive if he wanted it back.

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"I explained that I no longer had the ring and that I had given him plenty of opportunities over the last 3 years to collect it," she went on to write.

"He asked me if I had any idea how much that ring was worth and reminded me it was his grandmother’s. I told him if the ring was so important to him that he should’ve responded to my messages or came to collect it since he obviously knew where I lived. [...] We kept arguing and he told me I would regret it if I didn’t get the ring back to him by the end of the week."

The very blatant threat was also echoed as he left.

When he left, he again shouted "I had a week to get the ring back 'or else.'"

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Apparently, the woman who wrote this explained that her sister thought she was in the wrong to have given the ring away. Although, it's not as though she didn't try!

This asshat of an ex-fiancé had plenty of time, literally over one thousand days, to sort out getting the ring back but didn't. Perhaps he was hoping she would pine after him for the rest of her life, just sat holding onto the ring and sighing while looking out of a window longingly?

Fortunately, the internet was firmly on her side while being rightfully furious about the ex's behaviour.

In all seriousness, his behaviour was way out of line as a lot of people noted. With the top responses being people writing the likes of:

"You gave him 3 years? And he responded immediately after you said it was gone? Meaning he was reading the messages and just deciding not to respond? Lmao. No you're NTA. If he cared he would've gotten it immediately."

"NTA. He dropped the ball and now he's panicking. Not your circus, not your problem."

A lot of people also pointed out that she should probably alert the authorities regarding the threat.

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A plethora of responses warned this woman to let the authorities know that he had made such a threat.

Also, she did go on to explain that the reason why the broke up was, "I broke it off because he said to me something along the lines of 'I'm starting to wonder if you're the type of wife I want' during an argument."

Wow, it sounds like she really dodged a bullet when it came to this delightful guy.

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