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People Are Sharing The Things That Are A Deal-Breaker For Them

Every one of us has relationship dealbreakers.

These are the actions or traits that would end a relationship, ASAP. Like if your partner smoked, cheated, or, you know, casually murdered someone.

Curious what other relationship dealbreakers folks have? Keep reading for the top ones.

These are red flags you don't want to ignore!


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Once trust has been broken, it's so difficult to repair it.

So it makes total sense why many people have zero-tolerance when it comes to cheating. Staying together afterward often only hurts the person more.

Inability to admit when they're wrong.

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"I try my best to always identify the times when I am in the wrong and acknowledge that (usually by apologizing). If the other person can't do the same, then I feel like I am the only one trying to make it work." - u/Best_Zyra_LAN

Abuse or violence of any kind.

This Redditor writes that even the slightest hint of abuse won't be tolerated. "If you get in a fight at a bar, punch a wall, threaten someone (even an animal) with physical violence, I'm done."

Being too clingy.


"Last time this happened, a guy I'd gone on two dates with invited me to go on vacation for two weeks in Mexico with his entire extended family and wouldn't let it go after I politely declined." - u/PurePerfection_

Being uneducated about opinions.

"I love opinionated people, but be educated on your opinions. I can't begin to tell you how angering it is; it's like arguing with a child." - u/mynameismevin. So don't be bringing a gun to a swordfight.

Inability to do basic adult things.


This includes things like cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, laundry, etc. This Redditor writes that she's spent way too much time taking care of grown men like they are children. Enough is enough.

A momma's boy.


"If he allows mommy to do everything for him, I have no respect for him. I'm sure as [expletive[ not signing up to be Mommy number two, and putting up with tantrums from a man-baby when he doesn't get his way." - u/Kemokiro

Poor relationship with their own family.

"Not if there is a legitimate reason, but I have this ex and it dawned on me one day that it was a huge red flag that every time her mom would call her she would start screaming at her." - u/deleted

Desperation to get married/have kids.

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While this Redditor writes that they're not opposed to marriage, they ARE opposed to partners who are extremely desperate.

"If you're sending me pictures of 'wedding rings you like' three months in, you're out," they wrote.

Poor financial management.

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"I'm not trying to be a gold digger or anything like that, but if you're just pissing away money and in constant debt, that's a big deal breaker to me. It tells me you're not responsible nor do you have long term goals." - u/ObsessiveSheep


"Someone who is happy to sit around and coast by, completely depends on their parents or friends for financial support, doesn't want to go out and experience the world." - u/curlsandcollege

slowly turns off Netflix

Disrespectful to others.


They could be the nicest person in the world to you, but it says a lot about a person if they're disrespectful to others, like a waiter.

This Redditor points out that they could eventually turn on you.

Keeping in close touch with exes.

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"My most recent SO would talk to her ex on a seemingly daily basis (who she kept calling a horrible person, and insisted that she never talked to him again)." -u/PrimeEchoes

Wanting kids.

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"I definitely 100% do not want children and at nearly 30 im not gonna change my mind so my future husband would have to agree. Luckily ive already found an amazing guy that feels the same :)." - u/essextwin28


Many people find this habit extremely gross.

It makes their clothes smell like smoke, their breath stink, and they may eventually get yellow teeth. Imagine trying to kiss a smoker after a cigarette!

Not caring for their health.

"I understand and am more than willing to chow down on some nachos and stuff here and there but to have no regard for your well-being, and being inactive on top of all that? no thanks." - u/Hellenologophobia

Lack of career motivation.


"Fine in high school, but I'm in my 30s. I wouldn't date a guy at this point who hasn't figured out what he wants to do, or is working a menial job and doesn't care enough to get out of it." - u/FrecklesNYC

Always wanting to be with their partner.

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Not everyone is an extrovert.

This Redditor writes that they have their own life and interests and don't want to deal with someone who can't leave them alone. "I shouldn't have to shut my phone off for my SO to get the hint."

Being controlling or overly jealous.

"I get being a little jealous in the beginning of the relationship, but if it gets to a point where you're telling me who I can and can not interact with in life, we're done." - u/Strpljenspasen