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I'm Thankful For This Woman Who Shared Important 'Safety Tips For Camping Alone As A Lady'

When TikTok creator, Maggie May, went camping by herself, it freaked her mother out.

Sadly, that's a normal reaction these days. Many women don't feel safe out in busy streets, much less in a tent in the middle of nowhere!

In order to help women feel safe camping alone, Maggie is sharing important life-saving tips every female should know.

The first tip Maggie (@nutritionbitespodcast) had was to hang men's clothes in a visible location around your campsite.

This is so people think a male presence is nearby. If you don't have clothes to steal from a guy (even though we've taken enough hoodies), she recommends getting some from a local thrift store.

Similar to the men's clothes tip, she says to place men's shoes outside of the tent.

This is a tip that applies to your home. Many women who live alone like to place work boots near their front door so people think a man lives there.

From there, she moved on to a safety tip for inside the tent.

She used an S-biner micro lock on the tent door.

While she said it was a bit of a hassle to use, the point is that it makes it diffcult for an intruder to get inside the tent.

Soon after posting, Maggie's safety tips went viral. Her video has been viewed more than 3.1 million times!

People also left lots of comments. "These are good tips actually. I'd be more scared of a murderer than a bear," one wrote. Another commented on how it's sad women have to do all this.

"It saddens me that this is what we have to do in order to feel safe simply by wanting to enjoy nature in solitude," another commented.

There were some salty comments from men. For instance, one wrote, "Step 1: Invent a threat. Step 2: Complain about the threat." Ugh!

Since the first video was so popular, she made a second one.

Her first tip was to bring things that make a lot of noise and light.

The first item she recommended packing was a Birdie alarm system. "This is like a pocket alarm system. I pull on the tag and it makes a huge amount of noise."

The second item she always brings is a whistle. She says that she especially uses it when she goes on hikes alone.

She had a mini air horn, which she recommended keeping in your tent to scare people or animals away. The can of bear spray she brought does a similar trick.

For the fifth item, she had a pocket knife, which she says can be used for all different things.

Just be sure you know how to use and open one!

Finally, she had a headlamp since it gets dark quick when you're out camping and it's incredibly important that you can see.

In the comments, women continued to show appreciation for the tips.

"I'm so angry that I feel I can't safely camp by myself. YOU, just changed that! I'm getting tent out and checking my supplies. Thank you woman!" one wrote.

"The bear spray is perfect to chase the men away great thinking!" added another.

Many joined in on sharing their own camping safety tips.

"You should have a bell on the end of the zipper," one wrote. "If a man wants to murder you in the middle of the night none of this will matter if he gets you off guard."

A woman said that they bring their big dogs with them, while another shared that they used to sleep with their hatchet.

Hey, whatever makes you feel safe!

You can also push your car key alarm, a third added. writes all these down

Do you have any camping safety tips for women? Let us know down below!