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Clever Camping Hack Uses A Tin Can To Make An Easy Grill

Daughter of a forest ranger, Dian Thomas is a professional speaker and New York Times best-selling author. Publishing books like "Roughing it Easy", Thomas has devoted her career to teaching others how to survive and thrive in the wild.

Something of a camping expert, one of Thomas's many camping hacks includes how to make an extremely simple DIY grill.

Step 1: Cut into a tin can.

Dian Thomas | Dian Thomas

To begin, you'll need to have the star of the show: a tin can. Cutting 2" strips down the length of the can, bend the strips outwards until you get a bit of a flower shape. Then, fill the bottom of the can with sand.

Step 2: Wrap the can in tinfoil.

Dian Thomas | Dian Thomas

Next, cover the bent strips in a couple layers of heavy-duty tinfoil. Then, place a large handful of charcoal briquettes on top of the tin. If you're wondering where to buy charcoal, The Home Depot sells a variety of options, available in whatever size works best for your needs.

Step 3: Begin grilling.

Dian Thomas | Dian Thomas

Next, place a simple rack over the top of the makeshift grill, keeping approximately 3-4 inches between the charcoal and the rack. Finally, pour a bit of lighter fluid over the coals, light it, and begin grilling!

Simple, cost-effective, and easy to carry around.

Will you be making a tin can grill?

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If you want to learn more simple camping solutions, check out Thomas's website for more of her interesting articles.