TikTok "Hack" Lets You Take The Taste Out Of Tequila

Tequila is one of those drinks that most people will either love or hate. However, the fact that most people slam too many far too quickly often colors their opinion on the drink in the long term!

One TikTok trend has recently seen people claiming to be able to take the taste out of tequila completely — which potentially poses more problems than it creates.

Yep, TikTok is now showing people how to make tequila taste like nothing, apparently.

This "hack" is supposed to be good for those out there who might want to drink tequila, but find the taste a little overpowering.

Sure, any normal human being would order a different kind of drink, one that they actually like and has flavour for instance, but that kind of rationality is not the aim of the game any more apparently.

The hack involves people mixing tequila with mineral water, salt, and baking soda.

One TikToker to try this was "drinkowithrico" who mixed these ingredients together in order to make this supposedly "tasteless" tequila, all in a video which is so eye-wateringly enthusiastic that it can strip paint off a Ford Fiesta at thirty paces.

Some of you more astute people will already see the main problem with this "hack," but we'll park that revelation for the time being.

The tiny little folk who live in TikTok comments sections had their virtual socks knocked off by this "hack."

At the end of the video, Rico claims that the drink is a success and that the tequila is now completely tasteless! Most of those on the platform were stunned, and even tried the drink themselves.

Some of the reactions both for and against removing the taste from tequila came in the forms of:

"I drink tequila to taste tequila..."

"I don't trust people who don't like tequila! [Like] how can you not like it?"

"Now I can drink tequila!"

Someone eventually explained that these TikTokers had accidentally "invented" club soda.

In a review of one TikToker's attempt at the "hack" one Redditor pointed out, "Watching the brainiacs of TikTok 'invent' a new way to minimize the taste of alcohol by adding baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), salt, and sparkling water. AKA: the literal ingredients of club soda."

Another person chimed in, adding, "Next up: 'let's go crazy and mix alcohol and juice.'"

So, if you fancy making your own tequila and club soda, then now you know how to do it thanks to TikTok!

I cannot say that I have ever been partial to a tequila and club soda, but to each their own. Also, if you are still curious about trying this at home, then please drink properly...I mean, responsibly!

Let us know what you make of this trend in the comments! Also, do you prefer to drink your tequila neat or with a mixer?

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