Make An Everlasting Bouquet With Realistic Crochet Flowers

Receiving flowers is so special. Someone went out and picked you out something beautiful to show you how much they care, and that's so magical.

However, the less magical part is the week or so later when you have to finally throw out your wilting bouquet. The solution? Flowers than can never die, of course.

Oh, these? They're crochet flowers.

It's hard to believe, isn't it? Created by crocheter and artist Kanyarat (aka Patty) of Happy Patty Crochet, these plants and flowers look so lifelike that they could easily be mistaken for a real bouquet!

Seriously, these somehow aren't real.

Doesn't this just scream spring? Patty has a number of bouquets and individual flowers that's she's created, each with their own perfect attention to detail that she's famous for.

She has an Instagram dedicated to her flowers.

She posts images of her patterns and flowers on Instagram, where has has over 11,000 followers who enjoy her amazing creations! I can't believe how beautiful they are, guys.

Her designs are available for purchase!

Her bouquets became an immediate sensation, so Patty decided to make the patterns for them available for purchase! She has an Etsy shop, a website, and a Ravelry account for her creations.