10+ Knit And Crochet Plants You Don't Have To Worry About Watering

Are you bad at taking care of plants? Have you killed even the most unkill-able of plants?

Then crochet plants might be for you. No, that's not a type of plant — they're literally just plants made of fabric. Prepare for adorableness.

Crochet Monstera leaves!

Reddit | wildnaturemama

OMG. They're tiny! They're cute! They're crocheted! There's nothing about these that I don't love, except perhaps that I don't already own one.

These leaves are brought to you by wildnaturemama on Reddit!

Look at these cactus friends!

Some are big! Some are small! Some have little flowers on their tops like they're wearing fun hats!

I love that they're "planted" in real pots. It totally fooled me for a second, not gonna lie.

This cactus just wants to hang.

Look at his smile. He just wants to be your bud! I love him, I love his tiny cactus arms, and I love that his friends have pink flowers on them.

These succulents are sneaky.

Reddit | wildnaturemama

Oh, what a nice collection of succulents wildnaturemama has! There's some green, some brown, and oh — some fabric ones! Please look at the tiny colored tips on the top left succulent, because it's awesome.

This plant has an important job.

Not only is it an adorable knitted plant, it's also a pin cushion. We love a piece of decor that also has a dual purpose. Usable art — get into it!

These vines remind me of something...

Octopus legs. It's octopus legs.

If anything, that adds to how precious this idea is. Why not knit your own vines? Not only are they cute, but they're a great conversation starter.

The hardy snake plant, cozy edition.

Reddit | rosejane42

Snake plants are almost impossible to kill. This snake plant? Well, it might just be immortal.

Reddit user rosejane42 made their plant without using a pattern. That level of talent is unbelievable!

One enviable garden, coming right up.

You could knit a cactus, or a succulent. Maybe even a vine. But why stop at just one? Go ahead and make a whole garden of knitted plants, because you deserve it.

Mario fans, this one's for you.

Reddit | redcommodore

Well this might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen, and this article is already stuffed full of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Reddit user redcommodore knitted this Mario Pirahana plant for a Christmas gift. Genius!

Add some flower power.

Vines, but add flowers — now that's an idea. This sweet piece totally stands out thanks to the bright yellow flowers. Pairing it with a yellow pot was also a stroke of genius.

This is one adorable party.

Reddit | arodabough

Reddit user arodabough made this succulent gathering for their sister's desk at work.

Another reason knitted plants are superior? Your coworkers can't kill them when you go on vacation and they forget to water them.

I would be friends with this gang.

They're just hanging out, you know?

That spiral plant might just bee my favorite of the bunch, but don't tell the others. They can get a little green with envy.

Two words:

Reddit | WIPsandskeins

Knitted. Succulents.

WIPsandskeins on Reddit made these for a Secret Santa gift exchange. Can you imagine opening a bowl of tiny, knitted succulents? That would be thee best gift in the world.

These? They're heckin' cute.

Reddit | sookpit

Look at them! Look how cute and dangly they are!

Reddit user sookpit posted these amazing crocheted string of pearls plants. If you want to make your own, you can follow this tutorial!