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Dog Lovers! A Bar Is Serving Puptails For Its Furry, Friendly Customers

There are two kinds of people in the world: dog people and everyone else. For those who are dog owners, they love to bring their furry babies anywhere and everywhere with them. Many times, places for food and drinks don't always allow pets. But, there are som places that welcome them with open arms (and paws!)

And, we love a place that loves our dogs.

What if we told you there was a place to get drinks and bring your dogs, too?

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Not only that, but you can also get cocktails for your dogs, too! It sounds like an absolute dream come true, right? Well, clearly it is, because there's nothing better than drinking alongside our fur-babies, and we can all use a night out from our couch-drinking.

One London bar owner found the perfect way to embrace dogs and their owners.

Jamie Swan is the owner of the bar "After Bark" which serves both humans and their fluffy puppies. The one difference between After Bark and other dog-friendly establishments, however, is that the bar treats both dogs and their human customers are equals.

The timing of the bar opening could not have been better for dog owners.

The owners decided to open the bar as dog-friendly during Covid-19 because they felt that dogs and their owners were unable to socialize often due to the pandemic.

Customers say that their dogs were "unable to socialize" and this place gives them a place to make puppy friends.

Two customers brought their 1-year-old dog in, who hasn't been around other dogs at all.

"We’ve been to other dog-friendly places but none that we’ve let our dog run this freely everywhere, so it’s new for us,” said customers Rhema Moses and Jordan Barnes.

“This has turned into a really cool place, just where she can meet other dogs, and interact with other humans as well.”

At After Bark, dogs can roam freely.

Whereas other bars ask for you to have your dog on a leash or even close to you and your table After Bark allows dogs to roam freely and make friends with other customers, four-legged and two-legged. Not to mention, their menu is super inclusive.

The bar's menu is separated into "humans" and "hounds."

On their menu, they have both alcoholic human cocktails and non-alcoholic "puptails" with some fun and pup-friendly names like the "Bloodhound Mary," "Barkarita," and "Howlapaw Sling."

They also have snacks that are made with organic ingredients that can be eaten by both humans and dogs alike.

The owner says their "puptails" are made from ingredients that are good for dogs.

"Puptails, they basically consist of raw beets or raw carrots, and they don't have any preservatives or anything.

We have some lovely teas as well. So we have a Fish Island Iced Tea which is just for dogs. And that's got things like dandelions and burdock which is good for their guts and good for their overall health," said the owner.

In addition, you can get a "puptail flight" for your dog!

Like other cocktail flights that are made for humans, you can get a puptail flight with an array of dog-friendly cocktails so that your dog can try a little bit of everything.

"It's about wellbeing and health, as well as just a lot of fun," Swan said.

Clearly, this bar knows what's up!

For dog owners, there is nothing better than sharing experiences with their dogs. And, being able to have some drinks with friends and their dogs, too, can be a shared experience.

What a great idea. We're ready to travel to London!