20 Pictures Proving How Much Humans Truly Love Dogs

I think that saying we love our dogs is an understatement. If you're a dog owner (or a dog lover in general), you get that we humans will do anything for them. We also love to celebrate their existence every single day.

And really, dogs are a gift. They make everything better. And as these pictures show, our love for our dogs isn't going away anytime soon.

We always celebrate their achievements.

Yes, dogs can accomplish a bunch of things in their considerably short lifespans. They're scholars. They go to school, learn, and graduate. And don't worry, they'll be more then willing to show off their new tricks if you have a treat or toy in hand.

"Very expressive face of my dog when I am about to throw him his favourite toy."

We know which toys our dogs love the most. And a sign of true love for your pet is going out of your way to spend some time playing with your pup. The light in this dogs eyes may be a sign that it loves its human just as much.

We celebrate their birthdays in style.

If you haven't been invited to a dog birthday party yet, you probably will be in the future. It's becoming a lot more mainstream to have a whole party for your doggy (and kitty, too), and post it online. And I have to say, this is one trend I can get behind.

"My dad brought our corgi flying in his small plane."

Would you take a dog with you on a plane? If you love your dog a lot (which you obviously do) then the answer to that might be yes. Because who can resist going on an adventure with your best friend in the whole world?

You have to admit, this dog painting is pretty legit.

So many artists love to paint pictures of their dogs. Why? Because they love their dogs, of course! This painting is incredible, and the dog it's based off of is a total cutie pie. So really, it's a win-win: nice art of a very good boy (or girl).

Plenty of people out there sleep with their dogs in their beds.

I don't blame anyone for wanting to cuddle up on the bed with their dog. Maybe it's against the rules in some households, but for others, they just can't resist those sad puppy dog eyes. The dog probably loves it just as much.

A dog that's shedding its winter coat may make a mess, but dog lovers don't care.

Admit it: even if your dog caused this much of a mess during their winter coat shedding phase, you wouldn't love them any less. We will truly put up with a lot of inconvenient things if it means making our dogs happy and comfortable.

This picture of a child with a dog from the 1890s shows us that we've loved dogs for a long time.

Obviously we've had dogs as companions for longer than 130 years, but just seeing pictures of dogs from decades ago is enough to warm my heart. You just know this dog had a loving home, just like its descendants may have today.

You probably take that dog with you on vacation, too.

This puppy got to go on a vacation for the first time in its life, and it sure does look excited to be there. We can't bring our dogs with us to every faraway destination, but taking a trip with your pup is a sign of true love.

There's really only one way to travel when you have a dog.

Obviously, you're going to bring that dog with you to as many places as possible. You're going to drive around town in your car, bicycle, or scooter, and that dog is going to be with you every step of the way. That's how it has to be.

"This UPS man taking selfies with every dog he comes across on his delivery route!"

He's basically just doing what we all wish we could do. It's hard not to want to take a picture with every dog you see. You know why? Because we just love them so much, we can't help it.

They may not make for the most productive assistants, but our dogs tend to be part of our home office teams.

With so many people still working from home, I bet the dogs of the world are having a really good time right now. After all, they get to spend so much time with their humans!

And you know no one is going to kick them out of the meeting.

When you graduate school, you might have to dress your dog for the occasion too.

I like to think that this dog got an honorary degree for being just so darn cute. And if not, it should get one, stat.

Because dogs are such a big part of our lives, of course they're going to be around to celebrate our proudest moments. And dress the part, of course.

You have to keep them warm (and stylish) all year round.

Some dogs don't do well in the cold. Unless your dog has a thick winter coat, you're probably going to find yourself buying sweaters and boots for them to wear in the snow.

And it always looks so cute! I feel like making them look fashionable is a sign of love.

The way this doggy bookmark matches up with the real thing.

The one thing about your dog is that you might always want to keep it close, even if you're far away. Things like bookmarks are a cute way of keeping your dog around.

This one definitely captures this dogs appearance and energy.

Your dog may be your favorite adventure partner.

Going on vacation, taking plane trips, car rides, and so many other things are how you can have fun with your dog. But the adventure doesn't have to stop there. Boat rides, hikes to mountains and waterfalls, trips through the woods. If you love your dog (which you do), you'll find some kind of fun thing to do with it.

This doggie stick library that's for good boys and girls only.

Since all dogs are good boys and good girls, they're all deserving of a nice stick to play with when the mood strikes. And a doggie stick library is the perfect place for that.

Man, you just know that the person who made this loves dogs.

"Carving of a dog glowing gold from people petting it for hundreds of years."

Even though the rest of this carving has oxidized into a dark color, the dog is still bright. You just know people have come by and pet the dog. No one can resist petting a dog, even if it's in a statue.

Maybe you get your dogs to wear matching clothes.

If you own multiple dogs, they're basically siblings. And just like a set of twins, dressing your dogs up in matching outfits is too cute. They may not be human, but people love their dogs as much as they'd love a real child.

Don't forget to take plenty of glamor shots!

If you have a dog and a phone, there's a high chance that your phone's storage is filled to the brim with pictures of your dog. Some pictures may be of your dog goofing off. Others may be of beautiful shots like this, where the dog looks like a model.

Whatever the case may be, you take these pictures because you love your dog.