Dog Loft Beds Were Made For Pets Who Hog Their Owners' Beds

Anyone who lets their pet sleep on the bed knows how much room they take up.

It doesn't matter how small the animal is, either. A tiny dog will take up as much space as a giant dog and not feel bad about it. In fact, they'll be smug about it.

For those dogs, a new invention is here: loft beds.

The concept of a loft bed is just so good.

Yes. This is just the best thing I have ever seen. Giving dogs their own space to sleep so that you can actually use your own bed? I'm on board.

They have all sorts of styles, too!

This hilarious little setup is meant to mimic a dog house! I'd say this is perfect for two dogs, but let's be real: they'd both squish themselves in together.

You can put it outside, too.

If you want to go the traditional dog house route, that is. I'd keep mine indoors so that I could take pictures of my dog in it whenever I wanted!

So, what do you think?

Unsplash | Victor Grabarczyk

I'm all about dogs actually giving their owners space in the bed, tbh. Those little brats just love to hog the bed — and the covers! Would you get one of these?