A 65-Year-Old Woman Is Proving We Can Love Our Bodies At Any Age

Age is just a number.

If anyone knows that, it's Yazemeenah Rossi. The model is 65 and still modeling in swimsuits!

She's also known for her famous silver hair, which she has bravely refused to dye just to be accepted by the modeling industry.

There's so much the world can learn from this role model! Keep reading to learn why we deserve to love our bodies at any age!

Rossi entered the modeling industry in her 20s, an age that's considered late.

The Corsica native was busy raising two children when a chance opportunity opened many doors.

Her sister asked her to replace a model at the last minute at Paris Fashion Week, which soon led to her working with various fashion designers.

She has a unique look: her hair is completely white.

But the model, who found her first gray hair at 11, never thought about dying it.

“I’m passionate about what I’m doing. I have no time,” she told The Guardian. “It’s beautiful. It’s silver!” She added that she refused a lot of money to dye it.

This also meant dealing with critics who said she wouldn't make it far in the modeling industry with silver strands.

“On the contrary, I was quite proud to stand on what was right for me despite the critics and this has always been like this all my life, a great asset in fact when I started modeling," she told Bright Side.

She became one of the first models with silver hair.

She also gained a lot of inner confidence by refusing to conform to the industry's standard beauty norms.

"Money has never been the thing that would make me do things that felt wrong for me to do," she said.

These sentiments resonated with people from all over the world.

Her Instagram account, @yazemeenah, currently has over 319k followers.

There, she shares gorgeous shots from photoshoots, as well as shots of her hanging out in nature, one of her favorite places to be.

Yazemeenah told Bright Side that she had a very strong connection to nature and nature’s laws.

As such, her skin and eating habits tend to be as natural as possible. No wonder she looks so youthful!

She uses fresh organic products for food and for her beauty oils (she likes to rub olive oil on her skin and rapeseed into her hair).

"I never eat processed, frozen, microwaved, or low-fat foods," she told Sweaty Betty.

Unsplash | Ella Olsson

"Most of the time, I eat organic food and cook it fresh every day. I eat mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts and some good-quality fish and meats," she said. Along with this, she prioritizes lots of sleep and water.

Plastic surgery is a no-go for her.

She told The Guardian that she has actually refused plastic surgery, aside from having minor facial injections to erase blood vessels.

“Take advantage of how you are,” she said. “Do not destroy your capital.” Another beauty secret lies in her exercise routine.

She has been an avid Yogi for over 30 years.

She likes being in tune with her body. She told Sweaty Betty that she'll spend between 30 minutes and an hour doing it each day. All in all, her secret to a healthy lifestyle is staying balanced.

While many models are forced to age out of the industry around 40, Rossi was just starting to hit her stride.

She never glorified youth, which means redefining the world "beauty" to apply to any age.

"We are all different ages and sizes and that’s the beauty of it. We’re real women," she told the Daily Mail.

She also said that she plans to continue modeling until the end of her life, so expect to see lots more of this role model!

For more on Rossi, you can check out her Instagram here.

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