Dog Backpack Helps Best Friends Go Everywhere Together

If there is one thing that you can count on, it is that people with pets will go to any length to make their pets as close to royalty as possible.

However, thanks to a new dog backpack you will be able to treat your pooch like the king or queen they truly are as you take them absolutely anywhere with you!

The dog backpack works exactly how you would expect a dog backpack to work...

When you say the phrase "dog backpack," you will probably either imagine a dog wearing a tiny backpack or a backpack that you can fit a dog into. Well, one company is now selling the latter!

But how does the dog backpack work I hear you frantically scream?

Essentially, your furry friend will be able to wear the backpack like a little coat, and then you put it on like a backpack. Your dog will be comfortably supported as they get the chance to experience the world from your eye level...something which everyone has been desperate for their dog to experience, honest.

The company behind this strangely amazing product is called, wait for it...WooLaLa.

WooLala have assured people that their product is safe, reliable, waterproof, and well-ventilated for your dog to enjoy.

If you're wondering if one of these will fit your dog, then WooLala explained: "4 Sizes for small and medium dogs weight from 1-30kg. Please check our size chart image before purchasing. Suitable for French bulldog, Schnauzer, Teddy, Daschund, Chihuahua and so on."

It seems that the only question you need to ask yourself is, "Is my dog too heavy for me to carry?!"

The WooLala doggy backpack has a whole array of features.

WooLala (and yes I will say that name as many times as I can) have given this product all of the features that you would find on a normal non-dog-supportive backpack — as though anyone would own something so pedestrian nowadays!

Less discerning buyers would perhaps be fooled into thinking that this was just a normal backpack slightly altered and aimed at dog owners, but they'd be wrong...probably!

The WooLala backpack currently has a 4 star rating, and you can get it at a steal for $56.99!

That price-tag may sound steep, but look at how happy that French Bulldog is with its owner! You can't put a price on that...well, you can, $56.99!

And, with the four star rating, you know you're getting quality. There were no reviews, but I do hope to see some coming in from dogs across the world, saying the likes of:

"Three stars: Woof, bark bark, grrrr — Constance Lee-Underfoot, USA."

Be sure to let us know if you're planning on havanese for your dogs at home!

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