16+ Times People’s Pets Brought Back Weird Things

Our pets can be the light of our lives, and they can sometimes make our day by bringing us little presents. However, there are some people whose pets bring them slightly more unusual gifts.

So, from cats collecting sponges to dogs working for Deliveroo, here are 14+ times people's pets brought back weird things!

"My cat brings me socks whenever I don't pay attention to her to try to win my approval."

I think that winning favor through socks is a perfectly sound way to win favor! Look, a sock is certainly better than a dead woodland animal.

"Other people's cats: dead mouse trophies brought in. Our cat: stick found in garden."

This cat clearly always wanted to be a dog and is just living its life the way it wants! This is sort of like the pet equivalent of "Dress for the job you want."

"She's a retriever, not a genius!"

Yeah, but can you mash or roast a tennis ball? Well, probably yes, but it won't taste good that's for sure.

"My cat just came back from one of her evening strolls with someone else's keys in her mouth."

Looks like your cat is now a homeowner! This is a much better present from your cat than a dead mouse or whatever!

"Yeah, so I brought this gift for the family but I require assistance to give it to you."

I am actually quite unsure as to whether this qualifies as the cat catching the lizard or the lizard catching the cat?

"My dog escaped. Showed up at the front door with unopened nachos."

Someone is clearly missing a Doordash deliver nearby. At this point, you may as well just eat it yourself, right?

"Cat shaming!"

I mean, as far as tactics go to wake someone up, putting a dead mouse in their mouth is pretty damn effective!

"My cat stole my neighbor's lunch off of his front step and brought it back to me as if it were wild game."

Hunting is much easier when the thing that you are hunting is already dead, processed, and vacuum packed on a porch. Although, it's still impressive!

"My cat brought me a present this morning."

Okay, so I suppose that a cat bringing in a mouse is quite normal, but the face on it is just incredible. This cat looks just as shocked as its owner presumably was.

"Herc found a mallet somewhere, somehow and has clearly had enough of the cat's crap."

This dog has clearly been watching a little too much Tom and Jerry, and is certainly getting the wrong message from it. Hitting other animals with mallets never leads to anything but self-destruction!

"My cat occasionally visits our neighbors. Today she came back with a little snack."

Jesus Christ, how big is your cat flap that this cat managed to slide a full chicken through it? Also, what were the neighbors doing while this substantial theft was taking place?!

"My cat brought me these tiny keys. From where? What are they for? It's going to bug me all day!"

Sure, this might not be as dramatic as your cat bringing you someone else's house keys, but it would be just as annoying I suspect. Well, for you, not for the person who was locked out of their house.

"Our cat won't stop bringing home sponges!"

I can only imagine that one of their neighbors is pulling their hair out and driving themselves crazy trying to work out where all of their sponges keep going.

"Cat returns with sausage stolen from unknown neighbor's bbq..."

Well, that's what the other person gets for not inviting you to their BBQ! Maybe you could train the cat to go and steal you a bun for that and maybe some sauce as well?

"A friend nursed an injured crow back to health after it got trapped in her courtyard. These are some of the things the crow has been bringing her as apparent gifts."

What a delightfully eclectic range of prizes! After a few years they may be able to retire on the money garnered from selling these treasures!

"These shoes aren't mine. My dog got out today and brought home this collection. Now I have to try to return them all to my neighbours. If I don't laugh, I'll cry."

Out of all of these scavenged shoes, this dog only managed to get one pair! I can only imagine that the dog was also heartbroken to see its hard work undone as they returned all of the shoes to their rightful owners.

"Some cats bring their humans birds and mice...Oliver brings me teabags."

Maybe Oliver is giving you a subtle hint that he wants a cup of tea! Also, I guess that this teabag does have a sort of tail, so it could look like a mouse to a cat?