People Are Sharing What Country They're From Without Actually Naming Their Country

We all love a bit of a puzzle now and then...well, most of us do, the rest are just being spoilsports!

One person on Reddit recently decided to turn finding out where people were from into something of a puzzle by asking, "Without telling the name of your country where do you live?" And boy did the internet have some answers.

You'll find some of the best, cleverest, and funniest answers that people had below. Try and guess a few of them yourself before reading the answers below each picture.

"People keep thinking I live in a certain U.S. state..." — TheBestDoctor11

This one was pretty easy for a lot of people, with the answer obviously being Europe! Georgia is home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches, and yes I looked that up as I knew nothing about Georgia. Although, now I do, so go Georgia!

"Everyone thinks we're angry when we're just being nice!" — shakey200

This person also went on to add: "Tartan, Bagpipes, Throwing tree logs and welly boots as a sport." I think that most of you will have got this one by now, it is Scotland. One of the best places on Earth!

"Dracula..." — pinkicee

This one was short and sweet, but was obviously Transylvania. Although, this did start an argument about the existence of vampires, as one individual noted: "Such a stereotype! I have a Romanian friend, he said that he hasn't seen any vampire ever and he's been living in Transylvania for the last 300 years."

"On my way to a doctors appointment I was chased down my street by an emu." — DaffodilLlamaa

Unsplash | Melissa Keizer

I only managed to guess this one as me and a friend once argued extensively about the Emu War in Australia. It sounds like it is completely made up, but alas the Emu War really happened.

"We have more bikes than people." — kleurbloem

Unsplash | Dovile Ramoskaite

I did not know that this was a fact that so many people knew about the Netherlands, and yet a lot of people got this one. One individual even estimated, "There are 25 million bikes in the Netherlands, and 17 million people, so there is about 1470 bikes for every 1000 people over here. I own three bikes, by the way."

"Chocolate, waffles, and beer!" — devilkittens

Unsplash | Charisse Kenion

I mean, if you are going to have your country be known for something then let it be known for chocolate, waffles, and beer just like Belgium! They've got it all! Well, they've got those three things...and who needs anything else?!

"Lego, rain, ugly ducklin..." — NoSignature3781

Unsplash | Xavi Cabrera

This one could have been my favorite and I am not sure why. It is Denmark for anyone struggling!

The person who wrote this one also initially wrote, "Lego rain ugly ducklin," and without the punctuation that sounds like one hell of a storm!

"Red phone box." — KingStannis93

Unsplash | Karen Uppal

There are few things more British than a red telephone box, except perhaps for pie, mash, and peas all rammed onto a plate with gravy on it. Or, having a BBQ at one minutes notice as the weather is finally nice!

"Beavers, Maple Syrup, and a population lower than California." — USAIR1945

Unsplash | Francesco Ungaro

You betcha, this one was Canada. Although, another mildly disgruntled Canadian responded to this one, as angrily as you would expect, by writing, "You forgot to apologize for giving so many clues."

"It's cold, rainy and we speak one of the hardest languages ever." — Tall-Gnome

Unsplash | Alexandr Bormotin

This one ended up being revealed as Finland. But, my favorite guess by far was from one person who guessed, "Stoke?" I love their thought process, but sadly not.

"The Lord of the rings was filmed here." — princesspinkybitch

Unsplash | Thomas Schweighofer

Ah New Zealand, who wouldn't be proud of having such a series of films made in your country? Another New Zealander did go on to add, "It was either this or something sheep related, I prefer this one."

"ABBA!" — twischify

It is testament to how massive ABBA are that every single person managed to guess Sweden from this one word clue. I was never big on ABBA though... Ah, who am I kidding, they're not too bad I suppose!

"A country with population lager than France and can travel the entire country with a boat. Also had to fight two wars for two separate counties." — Sad-Commission-7756

Unsplash | Bruce Warrington

I did not manage to work this one out, but someone else did guess Bangladesh which was the correct answer!

"The land of horsemeat, horsemilk, all consumed on a horse. Also we have the capital named after the first president." — No_Frosting4646

The person who posted this went on to confirm that they are from Kazakhstan, and also elaborated:

"We have a diet consistent of staple foods like pasta, potatoes, red and white meat, it's pretty much average, but mostly people, especially from the older generations consider a meal 'full' and 'normal' only if it has some meat in it, minced or chopped. We also like eating neighbours' foods like Russian dumplings, borscht and uzbek plov (rice with meat and carrots) and manti (big steam cooked dumplings filled with meat, fat and potatoes/pumpkin)."

"The emerald isle." — Anxious_Substance_39

Unsplash | Henrique Craveiro

A lot less people had heard Ireland referred to as "The Emerald Isle" than I thought. However, there were some individuals who managed to get this one.

If you can think of any clever ways to describe where you are from then please do so in the comments!

h/t: Reddit