20 Funny Pics That Take A Moment To Sink In

Some funny images bash you right over the head with their hilarity. Others are more subtle, like a clown with a flower that doesn't squirt seltzer.

These aren't so low-key that you'll never figure them out, but they'll definitely require a second or third look to understand just why they're so funny.

"A squirrel won today."

Reddit | vacattack

Look close, then look even closer. The hawk is wondering where its lunch went, and deep in the recesses of the wheel well, the squirrel gives a sigh of relief, knowing it'll live to see another day.

"Wonder how many times it happened."

This is a helpful sign in a location where the GPS is evidently unreliable. But most people follow their GPS systems with such vigilance that I'm not confident anyone will even look up to see this sign.

"Husband leading blind wife into strip club."

Reddit | TummyPuppy

If her husband makes a habit of doing things like this, it's a wonder she trusts him to lead her anywhere at this point. Also, it's broad daylight, otherwise known as the most depressing time to go into a dark bar.

"Bread is sexy."

Reddit | jdsolo5

They say that sex sells, and these buns (they've gotta be six packs, right?) are certainly eye-catching. That said, it all seems like a pretty complicated way to sell something as boring as a couple of buns.

"Just lost my foot after a motorcycle accident. This is the sticker my son chose to decorate my brace."

In case you can't make out the text, there's a little sticker there that says "Daddy Long Legs." This guy's daughter is either a wishful thinker or a masterful troll.

"Spilled my drink so the bartender made me a sippy cup."

Reddit | guru-1337

There are times you're in on a joke with the bartender. There are times when the bartender is making fun of you. Then there are times that kind of fit both descriptions.

"Subway details in Sweden."

Reddit | psgenius

I think Pac-Man is one of those things that was once iconic and will soon become obscure. But in the meantime, a subway heating vent in Sweden, of all things, is keeping the wokka wokka wokka spirit alive.

"BBQ’s in the UK."

Reddit | Notmadjustsad-k

We've all heard of Miley and her Party in the USA, but have you heard of BBQ in the UK? I'm not saying it's better or anything, but it definitely is a thing that exists — rain or shine.

"This billboard to raise awareness about stuttering."

This is a great message to encourage people to be patient. Instead of finishing their sentences or trying to hurry them up, just take a chill pill and let them say what they have to say.

"My coworker has a tendency to spill his cereal walking out of the kitchen in the morning and just leave it there. I made it modern art."

Reddit | unthused

You know you've reached total synergy with your coworkers when you know exactly when and where they'll drop their cereal every morning.

"These doors on a ScotRail train carriage in Scotland."

Reddit | mattjstyles

On one hand, I get the joke: they want people to stay out, so they warn of bagpipe music inside. But on the other hand, this is in Scotland. Don't they like bagpipe music over there?

"This is *supposed* to be a statue of the Virgin Mary from a sculptor named Maria Scanu."

Reddit | bendubberley_

Well, it looks like something for sure, but it ain't the Virgin Mary. You know what, though? If it looks like something, anything at all, I think that means it's officially art.

"It's a-me, Mario!"

Reddit | Firithilian

Seeing this makes me want to buy or create a Super Mario stencil kit so I can put Mario anywhere it might seem appropriate. There are a lot of bridges, tunnels and pipes in the world, after all.

"I saw this at work today and I was crying…"

Reddit | K-DUGZ

This one took me a second, but after a second look I totally got it. This is me whenever anyone tickles me anywhere, honestly. What I'm saying is this: please don't tickle me, ever.

"Tattoo laser removal service with a grammatical spelling error."

Reddit | Lorettooooooooo

This is captioned as a sign with a spelling error, but it should be clarified that this is an intentional spelling error. After all, if it was a real error they could just laser it off.

"McDonalds/Uber Eats calling me out."

Reddit | Noxu777

This is clearly just a coincidence, right? I mean, it says 0BE5E, not OBESE. There's a big difference there. Besides, all they ordered was some McNuggets, a sweet tea, and a couple of sauces. It isn't like they ordered six Big Macs to themselves.


Twitter | @bloodberry_tart

This is an effective way to subtly call out everyone who's above a certain age. After reading the sign, I now realize that I ought to go get a cancer screening because I definitely remember using floppy disks back in the day.

"My younger brother, who moves out in two weeks, tried to make a pizza."

Reddit | GlooificationV2

This is an impressive degree of failure. Like, this dude either forgot there was a red plastic cutting board under the 'za, or he actually made the pizza bleed.

"My first ever shoes (from the early 1980s) with some useful instructions on the sole."

Reddit | misterpep

I'm pretty sure I know how to walk, but I'd have a lot of trouble following any directions that tell me to "move in the direction of away". That's just confusing.

"The reflection in the mirror on this hotel check in desk."

Reddit | up9trees

I love this pic. The more you look at it, the more it gives you. I think my favorite part is the way he appears to be daintily pivoting his feet.

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