15 Clever Tattoo Designs That Included People's Scars And Birthmarks

Tattoos are one of the coolest art mediums out there.

We love tattoos in all forms — memorial tattoos, matching tattoos, you name it!

One of the most creative forms of tattoo art is the integration of scars and birthmarks into a piece. These artists combine existing shapes with innovative ideas to create pieces of art on their clients' skin. Let's check it out!

When in doubt, stitch it out.

"This lady got her scar from falling off a boat, hence the anchor."

We love a tattoo with a sense of humor! The shading on those stitches is top-notch.

Why not have fun with your scar tattoos?

Sure, you could leave the scar as-is, or try and cover it up. OR you could turn it into an awesome Rick and Morty tattoo. I think the choice is pretty clear here.

Boo to you!

The owner of this birthmark came up with this idea herself! She wanted a little ghost to be made out of her existing birthmark. I love him. I've named him George.

Now that's a throwback!

"Atari Combat tanks on a tank inflicted scar."

Embracing scars isn't always easy, so I appreciate people who go for fun and humor when they get tattoos around theirs.

This one is finger lickin' good.

Sorry for saying finger lickin'.

This birthmark got turned into a chicken wing, which I support so much. Who doesn't want to show off their love for fried chicken in tattoo form?

["Jaws" theme plays in the distance.]

This person saw an opportunity to declare their love for Shark Week, and boy did they take it. The texture of the scar makes the shark look so realistic!

Crafters have the best ideas.

This tattoo belongs to an avid quilter, who decided their scar needed a little somethin' somethin'. I love that they went for purple thread — pops of color really make tattoos stand out.

This birthmark allowed beauty to blossom!

What do you do when you have a birthmark on the larger side, and a love of flowers? You combine the two into a sweet tattoo that is as clever as it is pretty.

I think we all saw this tattoo coming.

There was no way we could do a tattoo article without including a scar/tattoo classic: a zipper! It's fun, it's a little cheeky, and it makes the scar look so cool.

This scar cover-up is AWESOME.

"Wanted to cover up my big gnarly spinal fusion scar, so I became a cyborg."

If I had a surgical scar, I would 100% do this exact thing. I'm a sucker for sci-fi.

The artist calls this one "scar upcycling."

Which I am inclined to find hilarious.

"Surely, I had never worked around a scar like this and I must say it was fun. Why [cover] up when you can just make it part of the design?!"

This feather has an interesting spine.

I love that they stopped the tattoo at both ends so that you can still see the scar! This is a really cool way to embrace what you already have.

This scar became a symphony.

The artist and client both decided to embrace the existing scar and create music with it! I love the addition of the watercolors, it really makes the whole piece come to life.

Just a leaf on the wind.

"My 'little leaf' birthmark is now a leaf tattoo!"

This birthmark tattoo was a first-time tattoo, and what a way to start a tattoo journey! It's so pretty.

Throw a bandaid on it.

When in doubt, just slap a bandaid on that bad boy and call it a day.

The shading on the bandage is actually so cool! I love that it looks like it's floating over the scar.

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