Teacher's Simple Tape Hack Helps Decorate Classrooms In A Snap

Back to school is in full swing, and I bet all the teachers out there are already ripping out their hair, ha, ha! There is so much prep they still need to do, I'm sure.

So in the spirit of being helpful as I am, I have found a great #TeacherHack for you. This classroom decorating tip is going to make your life a lot easier. I promise you.

Pay attention to this, folks.

A very creative teacher who goes by the handle @mrs.frazzled on TikTok shared this helpful classroom decorating hack. She always decorates her classroom's bulletin boards, so she does know what she's talking about here, okay?

Check this out, and you'll feel just as clever as her, ha, ha!

In order for the letters she uses on her bulletin board to stay straight, she tapes them up to the bulletin board. I mean, what? What sorcery is this?

No, seriously.

Then this teacher actually staples them to the bulletin board. And get this, she even colors the staples black so you can't see them through the letters.

OMG. My teachers never took that much time to do stuff like that.

Get this!

Finally, she carefully removes the tape, and now the letters are all straight on the bulletin board. VoilĂ ! She really makes it so simple for you. Check out her video to see how she does it so you can do it, too.

After she posted on TikTok, fellow teachers started commenting in droves.

As it turns out, everyone absolutely loves this super clever #TeacherHack. I think this teacher may actually start a trend. What do you think? Isn't this such a cool idea?

It's so nice of teachers to post their hacks online to make other teacher's lives better.

Don't you think so, too? I mean, they could just keep all the secrets to themselves, but what's the fun in that? Am I right?

Take a note of this before you do this.

Just make sure you hold the letters down while taking the tape off, as others have pointed out. That way, you won't run the chance of ripping them off while you do so.

Now, if you're a little lazy, this hack might not be for you, ha, ha!

However, if you're like @mrs.frazzled, I bet you'll love this idea. She does make a good point. If you're going to spend a lot of time in your classroom, you might as well make it look good, right?

So what do you think of this #teacherhack?

Would you use it in your classroom? Do you have any other useful hacks you can share with all of us? I would love to hear other clever ideas like these, so go ahead and spill the beans here, hee-hee.