15 Back-To-School Hacks To Stay On Track

It's that time of the year again — getting ready for back to school. I know this is a busy time for most parents. Not only do you need to keep your kids on track, but you need to be mentally prepared yourself.

So I'm sharing a few hacks that I hope you will find useful. Let's get into it, shall we?

1. Set Up A Daily Routine Schedule

Let's face it, it's hard to get kids back into their school routine after a long break. So you can make it easier for them by creating a schedule like this. Oh, I like that idea.

2. Implement Reminder Bracelets

If your kids tend to forget stuff, don't stress too much about it. You can make some bracelets made that will remind them of all the important stuff, so they won't forget to return that book to the library and such.

3. Stock Your Pantry

There's nothing worse than running out of snack supplies for your kids. Am I right? So before school starts, make sure you stock and organize your pantry. This here is pantry goals if you asked me, ha, ha!

4. Make A Lunch List

Now that your pantry is well stocked, it's time to decide on the kids' lunches. This lady created a list so her kids can pick what they would like to have to eat. Isn't that such a great idea or what?

5. Create A Bento Box

Speaking of lunches, nobody wants to bring a boring one to school. So why not create fun and colorful bento boxes your kids can really enjoy, huh? Oh my goodness. I absolutely adore this idea here.

6. Color Code Your Kids' Notebooks

It can be difficult for kids to remember which notebook goes with each subject. So try color-coding them instead. Once they learn the colors, it should be smooth sailing for them. Yay!

7. Color Code The Clock

Speaking of color-coding, here's another great hack for you. Make sure your kids use their time efficiently when they get home by creating this type of clock. Wow, I'm really impressed by this cool concept here.

8. Create A 'Note For The Teacher' Envelope

Sometimes parents need to communicate with their kids' teachers via notes. So why not create an envelope especially designed for that purpose, huh? Let the teacher know about it and check the envelope daily when the kids get back home.

9. Set Up A Command Center

It's always a good idea to set up a command center in your house. That way, the kids know where to find their schedule and other important things. I can't tell you how much I love this idea.

10. Plan Out A Week's Worth Of Outfits

Speaking of staying organized, here's another thing you should do. Plan out a week's worth of your kids' outfits in a single afternoon. You'll be glad you did later in the week, ha, ha!

11. Use Sunday To Prep For The Week

I'm not sure if you remember when I shared one clever mom's hack of using Sunday to prep for the upcoming week. This mom really does know how to organize herself and we all need to do that.

12. Set Up Homeschool Caddies

If you're still homeschooling your kids, there's plenty of prep you need to do. This crafty mom set up the cutest homeschool caddies for her kiddos. I bet this will make studying so much better, no?

13. Create A Last Minute Door List

How many times have your kids left for school only to realize they forgot something? I bet this happens more than you're willing to admit, ha, ha! So put up a list like this, and it won't happen again.

14. Make A Lock-Screen Reminder List

This one works best for older kids that already have a cell phone. Or you can use this yourself to keep important notes right on your phone even before you unlock it. I honestly would never have thought of this.

15. Make A Backpack Station

Not only will a backpack station keep your home nice and tidy, it ensures that no school items get lost at home. Find a nook in your home to hang up some hooks and storage bins to make your own backpack station.

I hope you will find these back-to-school hacks helpful.

I know this is such a busy time for a lot of parents. But don't worry, if you set yourself up right from the get-go, you'll have this routine down in no time.