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Believe It Or Not, It Makes Sense That We Don’t See Kids Playing Outside Like The Old Days

Have you ever been with your parents or grandparents and they muttered the words, "kids just don't play outside like they used to?"

Many times, people from the older generation look at kids who use video games, smartphones, or computers and look down on them saying that "back in their day," everyone would play outside all day, every day.

Older folks may not realize it, but there is actually a reason why kids aren't always outside.

Recently, people online have been calling out older individuals who stand by this "mantra," saying that the outside they are referring to is just not the same as the outside we have today.

In fact, it's totally different entirely.

While we understand completely WHY they are saying it...

We understand that the "outdoor living" playing in the streets nostalgia is something that they equate to "happiness" and general, overall enjoyment of life.

However, they neglect to realize that many of us aren't outside in the streets for something totally other than "choice."

People on Twitter began to discuss why we can't go "play outside" anymore.

One Twitter user shared a photo, poking fun at the "outside" that they built for the new generation, which has far fewer "social" activities and parks for people to actually go to.

In fact, may say the reason that we don't go outside has to do with the way the world is now.

Many people point out that the influx of cars is the reason.

Many said that there are "a lot more cars" today than there were before.

Back in the day, kids would be in the street and move out of the way if a car was coming by. Today, it seems almost impossible to imagine kids ever playing in the street.

Others claimed that today, kids can't just be kids alone.

Another Twitter user said that "parents literally have cops called on them if they let their kids play outside alone."

While not all parents do, he's not far off that some parents today find it to be "far too dangerous" to let their kids play alone.

One person said that their own sibling got in trouble for being in the yard.

Another Twitter user showcased that "times have changed" by sharing the story that their 9-year-old brother had the cops called on him for playing in his own yard.

And, that the cops told them they were being "too rowdy." Clearly, that's a major change.

The post began to take off on Tumblr, as well.

Many on Tumblr said that there are so many rules in place now, that it's so hard to even try to be a kid.

One person said that there's "no loitering" anywhere anymore and that everything is so expensive, kids can't even afford to go out and have fun.

Some even chimed in saying academics have studied this as well.

A Tumblr user pointed out that academics have studied this and stated that teens and young adults actually do want to be outside, despite what the older generation believes.

However, there are not many public spaces anymore that don't charge to go there.

It's plain to see the real reason behind this huge change.

From lack of public spaces to overcrowding in major areas with children to the inflation in prices, kids today just cannot go out and be as "carefree" as kids back then used to be.

So, no grandpa, it's not because of their iPad!

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