13 Creative Ideas That Were Way Outside The Box

I'm such a sucker for great design. It's what I look for pretty much every time I shop. Whether it's something I need or not, aesthetics do count.

That's why I'm always baffled when I see the opposite of that. The following designs are the epitome of what I'm talking about. Check them out, and I bet you'll have a good laugh.

1. This Elevator

First of all, I already despise elevators. Thanks, The Omen. But if I stepped foot in this one, I would probably have quite the heart attack. How could anyone not lose their mind trying to find the correct floor number?

2. This Building

Wait a minute, do I see letters on this building? My initial response would be, "Why?" And then I'm trying to decipher it, lol. Does it say, "I (heart) climbing"? That's pretty odd. Well, it's actually a sporting store, but still WTF?

3. This Coffee Table

I love interesting coffee tables. Having said that, this is a first. Any way you look at it doesn't sit well with me. Who in the world came up with an idea like this? I'm so baffled, to say the least.

4. This Restaurant Sink

Somebody visited this restaurant and, to their surprise, found this sink in the bathroom. Does it look rusted, or is it just me? If this is their idea of rustic, it doesn't do it for me.

5. This Loading Dock Area

A loading dock can be such a busy lot with packages coming in and out. So how does anyone get work done here, huh? Try loading something here. Do it, I dare you, hee-hee.

6. This Banana Duck Tattoo

Do you like bananas? How about ducks? So, why not combine them in the strangest tattoo combination ever, huh? Um, I think not. I would love to see the surprised looks this person gets when people pass them on the street.

7. This Denim TV Stand

If you're looking for a unique TV stand, I think I found one for you. This is a little bit outside of my usual taste, but you might like it. But good luck explaining it to the rest of your family, though.

8. This Plastic Fork

I typically don't like to use plastic forks. But if I were to get some, this definitely wouldn't be it. This horrible design makes it look used and as if somebody already threw it out into the dumpster.

9. This Toilet

Somebody found this ornate toilet at a Mexican restaurant. I get it — they're trying to be creative. However, putting a design inside of the toilet isn't the direction I would have taken. How about you? Do you like it?

10. This Odd Art Choice

Here's a piece of art somebody found in their hotel room. Apparently, there are a few of these cockroach paintings found in other rooms. This "artwork" is pretty much the last thing I would want to see after a busy day.

11. This Cigarette Cake

Who here loves great cake design? I do too. It's amazing what people can do with pastries these days. Am I right? So if you could choose any cake, you could possibly have why on earth would you pick this?

12. This Hair Design

Who in their right mind would suffer sitting at a hair appointment to get something like this done? You might as well just wear a hairnet, no? It's pretty intricate, I'll give them that, but I'll take a hard pass.

13. These Grass Slippers

If you have heard of Cinderella, you know what glass slippers are. Was this some odd take on that idea? Otherwise, I simply don't get it. What's the point of these grass slippers here? Does anyone care to explain?

Oh my goodness, hee-hee. It's true what people say, "There's no accounting for taste.'

I think all these pictures here fall into that category quite well. At this point, I have no idea what else I can say. So, let me know which one is your favorite.

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