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Women Are Sharing Things They Get Shamed For Even Though Men Do It Too

By now, we know that double standards between men and women exist.

We also have men who have wild misconceptions about women. Unfortunately, the list of unfair things women deal with only grows longer.

Recently, Redditor u/Ulixr asked women, "What is something that you have been called out on that you are 100% sure you would have got away with if you were a man?"

Here are their answers.

Being too blunt.

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This is a trait that is super admired in a man, yet the moment a woman does it, she's seen as "rude" or "too bold." Basically, we're encouraged to be assertive until it's too much.

Not wearing makeup.

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"One time I got called out by a former employer for not wearing makeup. She told me I needed to wear makeup for the clients or she wouldn’t let me work. Wtf. It was an ice cream shop and I was making $8/hr. I didn’t come back the next day. [Expletive] that." -u/SuchJess

Questioning things too much.

"My boss told me I 'question things too much.' I have repeatedly given ideas or called out problems, get told 'yeah well we can’t because....' then 6 months to a year later my older male colleague says the same thing or comes to the same conclusion and it’s suddenly a Very Important Great Idea." - u/SuitableLeather

Not having kids.

Men don't get asked "when are you having kids" nearly as much as women do. Some of us can't go home for the holidays without that question being asked by invasive aunts and uncles.

Not shaving their legs.

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"This truly sucks….and the double standard is so obvious. A guy can have a hairy leg and wear shorts but I cannot! It’s just hair at the end of the day..." -u/Sexualguacamole

Having Resting Bitch Face.

"Male colleagues can make whatever face they want but I’ll get pulled into the office and talked to for 'looking unpleasant' and 'not appearing to be happy at work.'" - u/mrskmh08

Refusing to change their last name.


This Redditor wrote that a woman is shown as lacking in commitment if she refused to drop her maiden name and take their husband's last name after they get married. Yet, many men wouldn't dare take their wives' last name.

Playing video games all day.


"Growing up it was okay for my brother to do that but if I did my mom always had something to say about it. But if I watched TV or read a book (and before you justify that one I was not reading high brow lit or nonfiction), that was fine!" - u/crazynekosama

Being too quiet in the bedroom.

"I hate this so much... I had a guy tell me I was too quiet. At the time I didn’t think anything of it and tried to change it for him... later in life I realized it wasn’t actually that he gave a [expletive] about me, it was about him feeling like ‘the man’ ..." - u/FlyBai

Having sex with more than one person.


If a guy does this, he's applauded and called the man. But if a woman dares to? She's practically stoned and called a lot of bad words. It's the epitome of a double standard!

Being outspoken on politics.

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"I’m in school for political science and ~80% of men will try to disqualify everything I say. Then when I show them that I got my info from such-and-such scholarly source they 1) ignore me and continue as if I’ve said nothing or 2) get irrationally upset and berate me. I hate it here..." - u/bluntdutchess

Not smiling.

"My manager told me in a 1:1 that she received a note about my 'poor and negative body language' in a meeting and that I had my arms crossed the entire time. I flat out said I highly doubt any 50 year old man has ever been told that in their entire career. She shut right up." -u/Stephaneeka

Being too career-driven.

Many people still possess the old-school thinking that a woman's job is at home.

This Redditor's ex broke up with them because they were too focused on their career. They're laughing now with their six-figure income!


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"I don't see men get yelled at because it's "natural" for men to have anger issues. Mine is because I'm bleeding apparently. Or if it's not that I just have anger issues." - u/southparkcool23

Cutting their hair super short.


"I absolutely MUST NOT because it would ruin my pretty face. Who cares that I'm way more comfortable when it's short and it suits my low maintenance lifestyle." - u/ellingtonlasoo

Not doing household chores.


Men are able to leave their homes in disarray, while women are expected to keep a tidy home.

This Redditor shared that they and their sister are called out for not doing chores, while their brother skates by.

Using the bathroom for too long.

"Last job I had, my male coworker would practically live in the bathroom. He would always come out never having flushed the toilet either, as in—he was doing something besides going to the bathroom… But god forbid I need a few extra breaks during my period." -u/schmicklebutt

Going to a bar.


This Redditor pointed out that a man is able to stop by for a beer anytime they want (as often shown in movies and TV shows).

But if a woman does that? People wonder why she's not at home with the kids.

Sitting with their legs open.

"My grandma used to tell me all the time that the way I sat was too manly and a lady shouldn't have her legs open - even when I was wearing pants." - u/dramatichipmunk