19 Misconceptions Men Have About Women That Got To Go

We like to think guys know us.

They know we like flowers, chocolate, and get really hangry if we haven't eaten every five minutes.

Yet, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around in the male brain. Things that seem unfathomable to believe, like how we can hold our periods in or produce breastmilk on demand.

Suffice to say, it's time to say goodbye to these 19 misconceptions men have about women.

That women can control the sex of their baby.

Unsplash | Colin Maynard

This girl's ex was really out here thinking he was God! She writes, "My ex legitimately thought I could control the sex of the baby via sexual position at conception or eating certain foods."

That women have periods because we're "dirty."

Unsplash | Jonathan Borba

"A grown-[expletive] man told me that a period is actually an accumulation of all the 'dirty things' that accumulate monthly in a woman's body. And that men are clean, so they don't have periods." - u/winston356

That women's anatomy is, um, inverted.

This girl was just minding her own business when a male classmate kept whispering her name. When she turned around, he said he had an important question that might sound stupid.

Spoiler alert: it did. He asked, "A girl's vagina is just like an inverted [expletive], right?'"

That women get prostate exams.


"A male co-worker asked me if I've ever had a prostate exam. He was a senior in college at the time. The shade of red his face turned when he realized his mistake. Poor Steve." - u/yokoshika

That pads are always white and dry.

Unsplash | Natracare

Oh, if only. This "gem" came from this girl's male friend who dared to say that she doesn't know what blood looks like.

That's because, according to his logic, period blood gets completely soaked up by a pad or tampon until it's no longer visible.

That lesbians can't get pregnant.

"A friend’s boyfriend thought that it was biologically impossible for lesbians to get pregnant. Like, once they realize they’re gay, their ovaries just shrivel up and quit, so they can never have kids." -u/ArcadiaPlanitia

That we stick pads to our downstairs area.


Judging by these period misconceptions, it might be time for guys to go back to sex-ed.

This girl's ex asked her if it hurts when she takes her pad off. His silly mind thought it got stuck to the vagina like a big bandage...

That we can "hold" our periods in.


"I went on a date with a guy while on my period. We ended up kissing on the date, and he asked if we could do the deed. I told him that I was on my period and didn't really feel up to it. He rolled his eyes and said, 'Can't you just hold it in? I promise it's worth it! "I didn't have any words, just left." - u/TheLittleCas

That tall women can't have sex with someone shorter than her.

"I met a guy on tinder that didn’t think we could have sex bc I was taller than him. Like he physically thought it wouldn’t work/fit together or something. Needless to say I never talked to him again." - u/throwRA2748596

That women don't have periods every month.


This doozy came from a Redditor's father.

While he's true in some senses —women can skip periods if they're menopausal, pregnant, or have hormones out of whack. But this dad literally thought we controlled it.

That women pee blue when we're really mad.

"My ex boyfriend saw a TikTok that said (as a joke) that us women have blue piss if we were really mad and asked me if he could see it I obviously said no and told him that it wasn’t true but he seemed to not believe me so now I stay up till 3am every night thinking about it, Mark if your reading this, I’m so sorry that you’re stupid enough to believe something off TikTok." - u/Im_Prolly_Depressed

That women push out their uterus during birth.

Apatow Productios

"When my sister had her baby, they had collected the placenta in a container beside the hospital bed. Her boyfriend confidently said that it was her uterus. He believed that when women gave birth, they push out their entire uterus and just grow a new one." - u/unicorndanceparty

That women can produce different kinds of milk i.e skim milk.

Yo, my dude. This isn't like you're buying milk from the grocery store!

This girl's brother, who BY THE WAY is 29 and has their university degree, believed that one breast had full-fat milk while the other was skim.

That women can produce breastmilk on demand.

Unsplash | Dave Clubb

"That women can produce breast milk on demand, even if they’ve never been pregnant. If that were true, it would be very inconvenient to say the least. XD." - u/JustAnotherAviatrix

That Midol causes periods.


Any girl knows that Midol is a life-saver when we're on our period. Some guys, however, believe that this pain reliever causes periods. It's why this girl's guy friend refused some when he said his back hurt. We can't with this.

That women get turned on by a man who orders for her at restaurants.

"My dad, after 26 years of marriage to my mom, still thinks women get turned on by a man who takes charge and orders for them at restaurants. Drinks and everything. "It was basically 80% of my birds and bees talk." - u/Ramen_Beef_Baby

That women have more ribs than men.

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"My ex was thoroughly convinced that women have more ribs than men. You know. Because apparently, Adam gave his rib to make Eve. Even after I went through med school and showed him countless images to the contrary." - u/Tofer02

That women pop out huge eggs during our periods.


We've heard about the Big Bang Theory, not the "big egg theory."

According to this Redditor, this is where "you have a period in a toilet all at once and also pass an egg big enough to see" and hold. Um, WTF!

That women have period pain for one day only.

"My 32-year-old boyfriend was confused that I felt totally fine one day of my period, and then very sick on the next day. "I guess he thought we consistently feel the same way throughout, or that it always gradually gets better. He didn’t realize our period pain/sickness can be totally random." - u/rabbitwarriorreturns