To Celebrate Bennifer, We're Taking A Look At Their Relationship Timeline

#Bennifer is back, baby.

We can thank Jennifer's recent Instagram post for giving the world confirmation of that!

These two were the "It" couple of the 2000s. They starred in two movies together, J.Lo's music video, and, at one point, they were even engaged!

Suffice to say, these two have come a long way. Ahead, we'll take a deep dive into their relationship, including that steamy music video and that extravagant engagement ring.

2001: They meet on the set of Gigli*

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While the movie majorly flopped, their chemistry didn't. That July, they were spotted getting affectionate at Jen's surprise 32nd birthday.

At the time, Jen was still married to her second husband, dancer Chris Judd.

After she divorced him (this was finalized in 2003), she and Ben started dating.

In 2016, J.Lo shared her first impression of Ben. "I felt like … 'Okay, this is it,'" she told *People*.

"[But] sometimes I feel like what you think people are and how you see them when you love them is different than when they reveal later," she said.

2002: Ben appears in Jennifer's "Jenny from the Block" music video.

The couple had no qualms about showing PDA. One steamy moment saw J.Lo in a hot pink bikini while Affleck, dressed in a white tank, rubbed her famous bottom.

There were several shots of the paparazzi snapping pics of them, which was a cheeky reference (no pun intended) to their high-profile relationship.

Jen later spoke about the paparazzi's impact on their relationship.

"I love Ben, he's a great guy, but it was a lot for both of us to be under that type of siege for two years straight," she said on The Graham Norton Show in 2010. "We were on the cover of every magazine, every week, it was just a weird thing."

November 2002: They get engaged

The Good Will Hunter actor proposed to Jen with a 6.1-carat pink diamond from Harry Winston that reportedly cost $2.5 million.

"It's the most magnificent thing I've ever seen," she said in an interview with Diane Sawyer. She shared details of the proposal, which took place in Boston.

“It’s just a blanket, a quilt of rose petals, all over the whole entire house,” Lopez said.

“So many candles, and vases, bouquets. And my song ‘Glad’ was playing ... I walk in, and I was just overwhelmed. I wasn’t expecting it, and I was just like ‘Oh my God.’”

2003: They star in their second movie together

This was Jersey Girl, which also starred Liv Taylor. Jen played the dead wife of Affleck's character. Similar to Gigli, the film failed to be a box office hit.

Sadly, things continued downhill from there, as they postponed their wedding just days before it was supposed to happen.

In a joint statement released in September, they wrote that the "excessive media attention" was ruining the spirit of the wedding.

"When we found ourselves seriously contemplating hiring three separate 'decoy brides' at three different locations, we realized that something was awry," they shared.

2004: Bennifer calls it quits

This was released in a statement by Jen's rep. By that June, Jennifer married Marc Anthony, whom she was married to until 2011. The pair welcomed twins, Emme and Max.

Meanwhile, Ben married actress Jennifer Garner and had three children. The pair divorced in 2018.

2014: Jen opens up about her split from Affleck.

"Ben and I split up at the moment when I thought we were committing to each other forever, it was my first real heartbreak, it felt like my heart had been torn out of my chest," she wrote in her book True Love.

But that pain would not go on forever.

While Lopez would indeed find love and happiness in the arms of another, as it turns out, she and Ben Affleck could not stay apart from each other for long.

Which brings us to 2021.

Early 2021: Bennifer reunites

After J.Lo ended her engagement to former pro baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, and Affleck ended things with Ana de Armas, the pair shocked the world with their reunion.

They were spotted hanging out on multiple occasions, with sources saying they "picked up right where they left off."

July 2021: They go Instagram official

For J.Lo's 52nd birthday, the pair finally gave the world what they wanted: confirmation of their relationship.

Sources say that the power couple is full-steam ahead. They've already met each other's kids and sources are saying they're committed to making things work this time around.

Sources said:

"They are both hopeful about their relationship this time around and putting the effort in. They have both matured and are on the same page and it has been easy."

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