Kaley Cuoco Wants To Step In And Care For The Horse That Was Punched At The Olympics

If there's one thing you should know about Kaley Cuoco, it's that she loves horses.

So when she heard that a German pentathlon coach punched a horse during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she was outraged.

The Big Bang Theory star has since come to the rescue by declaring that she wants to buy the horse: "name your price."

The controversy all started two weeks ago at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Unsplash | Kyle Dias

German modern pentathlete, Annika Schleu, was left in tears when her Olympic horse, Saint Boy, refused to jump for the events.

This was a crushing blow to the pentathlete who was poised to win gold, having come in first for the first two pentathlon events: fencing and swimming.

All that was left was show jumping and the laser run, which combines shooting and running.

Unsplash | Helena Lopes

But when it came to show jumping, Saint Boy refused to participate. This brought her ranking from first place to 31st.

In the end, Britain's Katie French took the gold medal.

A similar situation with the horse happened to another athlete.

Unsplash | David Dibert

Saint Boy also refused to jump for Gulnaz Gubaydullina of Russia.

Schleu had told UIPM that she was nervous about the horse ahead of the games. "If I am honest, I am a little scared as well," she said.

"I hope I manage to stay calm and concentrate on every discipline tomorrow," she continued.

"We don't know the horse and in the riding, dreams can just die. You can go from first to last place."

This exact scenario happened, which left Schleu visibly heartbroken and her coach, Kim Raisner, extremely frustrated.

At one point, when Schleu was trying to control Saint Boy, the German modern pentathlon coach was shown punching the horse with her first.

The International Modern Pentathlon Union who reviewed the footage also said that she was heard calling to Schleu to whip the horse harder.

As a result of the incident, Raisner has been thrown out of the Olympics.

But some people are saying that's not enough. One of those people is Kaley Cuoco.

The Big Bang Theory star is an avid horse rider. She's even married to a professional equestrian, Karl Cook. The pair were married in a horse barn.

On Friday, she slammed the coach for striking the horse on her Instagram Story.

"I feel it's my duty here to comment on this disgrace," Kaley wrote on an image of Schleu taken during the competition.

"This is not Olympic show jumping. This is a disgusting, classless, abusive representation of our sport in so many ways."

"This team should be ashamed of themselves," she continued.

"You and your team did not do your country proud or this sport. You make us look bad," Cuoco wrote, directing her comments to Raisner.

"Shame on you and godspeed to any animal that comes in contact with you."

In another post, she wrote, "Pure classless behavior right here. Disgusting on all levels. This is not our sport. This does not represent our sport."

She went on to say that "this rider and her 'trainer' are a disgrace." Then, she posed a very serious offer.

"I'll buy that horse outright and show it the life it should have. Name your price."

To prove she was serious, she shared news stories of her offer.

If this were to happen, Saint Boy would be in good hands. She already has many foster dogs, including a pit bull mix named Blueberry, another pit mix named Shirley, and a Bulldog named Tank.

She also has a stable full of show horses and an adorable mini horse named Shmooshy.

Most recently, the star and her husband adopted a senior dog named Larry after the death of her beloved dog, Norman.

So all those for Saint Boy to go live with Kaley, say "I"! All those opposed, say "neigh."

We think we know which decision won.