Kaley Cuoco Admits She 'Freaked Out' Over Losing 'Big Bang Theory' Salary When Show Ended

We can probably all relate to the feeling of fear in that time between one job ending and your next one beginning, especially when it comes to finances.

Of course, most of us probably weren't making a million dollars at our old jobs, but that honestly makes Kaley Cuoco freaking out about it even more understandable.

*The Big Bang Theory* is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time.

The show ran for 12 seasons and gave us some of our most beloved characters and actors, including Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny for the show's entire run.

It's no secret that Jim Parsons was the one to bring the show to an end.

And it's been made clear that the cast and crew all respected his decision, despite the impact it would have on everyone's incomes.

It came from a place of exhaustion for Jim.

He shared on the David Tennant Does A Podcast With... podcast that he immediately went from filming the show to starring in The Boys In The Band on Broadway, which he said left him "exhausted."

Combined with that, his 14-year-old dog fell "gravely ill."

Jim also explained that his dad had passed away years before, at just 52-years-old. "I realized that at the end of season 12 I would be 46. And I'm not superstitious or anything like that, but it was just a context thing."

And so the decision was made that the show would end after 12 seasons.

Kaley recently discussed what it was like to lose the incredible salary she was making when the show ended.

Kaley (along with the rest of the main cast of the show) was earning $1 million per episode.

"We looked at each other and we were like, 'What the hell just happened?'" Kaley said of the incredible salary when it was first given. "'Should we go out to dinner? Should we cheers?' We didn't quite know what to do."

"It was a blessing,” Kaley went on.

"I was able to take care of a lot of things in my life and my family, and I will forever be grateful for that."

In a new interview with The One Show, Kaley said of losing the salary, "I started freaking out about the comparisons there would be, or what my next project would be."

"But then I realized you can't compare anything to *Big Bang.*"

"As its own entity, I will never have that again," Kaley added. "I won't have that cast again, the money, the schedule. For 12 years, all of it was insane."

I'm sure Kaley's got enough put away to get by, but I can't fault her for missing that kind of guaranteed income!

Things all worked out for Kaley in the end.

She now stars in and is the executive producer on the highly acclaimed show, The Flight Attendant.

And while she might not be making a million dollars an episode (yet), things are definitely looking up for the actress.