Pickle Bars Are Popping Up At Weddings To Add Some Dills To The Big Day

Yup, pickle bars.

People have turned pickles into all sorts of things — we're talking everything from salsa to seltzer, but a pickle bar? Well, that's new to me.

So, what is a pickle bar, and why would you want one? Let's go find out.

This TikTok put pickle bars on my radar.

Wedding photographer Corrin Jasinski posted a video showing off something very new at a wedding she was shooting — a pickle bar! Yup, it's a table full of pickles.

As you can see, the bride loved it.

The footage at the end of the TikTok is absolute gold. The happy bride is just partying her butt off, pickle in one hand, beer in the other. Vibes, nothin' but vibes.

People have gotten pretty creative with them.

Some pickle bars feature a whole variety of pickles on a sliding scale of hotness. They've even paired them with other snacks, like popcorn! Mmm, salty goodness.

So, what do you think of pickle bars?

Unsplash | Jonathan Pielmayer

I think they're a fun take on specialty food areas for weddings! I want all sorts of different food bars at my wedding, and pickles sound like a refreshing addition to any food lineup.

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