Hot Pickle Salsa Is Here To Get The Fiesta Started

Question: what's something that sounds cursed, but might actually be pretty good?

Answer: Pickle salsa.

Brought to us by Mt. Olive, pickle salsa is the next new thing you might be a little afraid of and curious to try. Let's check it out.


Yup. Brand new from Mt. Olive, pickle salsa is the perfect dip, spread, or addition to your favorite dish. I mean, life kind of is better with pickles in it.

Mt. Olive has some recipe ideas for you.

Unsplash | Léo Roza

"Try it spooned over grilled fish with avocado, or served over chicken quesadillas and topped with sour cream." Imagine dipping fried chicken in it? I'm onto something here, guys.

It comes in three different heat levels.

Mild, for those who want a bit of flavor, but no heat. Medium, for those who like a kick. And hot, for those of us who like to live dangerously.

You can get them at your local grocery store.

Head on over to your local grocer and pick up some salsa. Confuse and delight your friends with an invention I am now 100% coming around to! YUM.