Dill Pickle-Flavored Seltzer Will Be Our Saving Grace This Summer

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who love pickles and people who hate pickles.

Those who hate pickles can't even stand to smell pickle juice or see the green thing anywhere near them. But, people who love pickles go hard for their pickles. Like, they'll have and try pickle-flavored anything.

In 2020, company Brümate came up with a funny April Fools Day joke.

Posting on their Instagram, the company joked around that they were coming out with a "Dill Pickle-Flavored" spiked seltzer.

While it was a joke, it turned out that tons of people online were super into the idea to make this.

Now, the joke has come full circle.

No longer "just a joke," the company has decided to team up with @crookandmarker to release a real "hard pickle" hard seltzer, just in time for summer.

If you're a fan of pickles then you will most definitely be a fan of these bad boys.

The cans are low-calorie and high alcohol, too.

Each can has 100 calories and zero sugar, which is a pretty sweet advantage.

They also contain 5% ABV, which is equal to many other brands of hard and spiked seltzers already on the market.

The seltzers have already gone viral, too.

Making national news and headlines, the companies are getting major recognition for the creation.

While the seltzers are not "on the market" just yet, we've been told that they'll debut sometime this summer. Which, of course, is perfect for pool and beach season. Cheers!