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A Hilarious Sign Trend Has Started In Colorado With The Best Puns

When it comes to hilarious comedy, there is something about puns and jokes that get us every time, no matter where or when. We love a good joke that makes you think and have to re-read it once or twice. And, when it's on a sign posted for the world to see, it's even better. Who doesn't love random, published, and posted humor?

Recently, a sign in Colorado is gaining some huge traffic due to the hilarity behind it.

The "Indian Hills Community Sign" has gained some serious views on social media due to a guy who lives in town posting some really funny and hilarious jokes and puns on the sign itself.

Much like other "famous" joke signs we've seen online, it's absolutely spectacular.

Colorado native Vince Rozmiarek started it all.

Rozmiarek told Bored Panda that it really started out as an April Fools joke on the town, posting a sign to get some "pranks" on the town itself.

But, it totally took off from there and became something that they really loved.

Rozmiarek has lived in the town for 12 years.

While Indian Hills is a small town, Rozmiarek has lived there for 12 years and really gotten to know the lay of the land and the people there.

When he pulled his prank on April Fools, it was about something everyone in town knew about.

It all started with a speed trap.

The original sign that started it all was a joke about a speed trap near Indian Hills, on Highway 285 in Morrison. So, the first sign that was ever posted was a joke about that.

“Indian Hills annexed by Morrison, SLOW DOWN.”

Now, the Indian Hills Community Sign has a social media following.

With its own Facebook page and everything, the sign has a cult following and people are really into seeing what new pun and joke will pop up next. Over 160,000 people follow the page, which makes it the most popular sign on social media.

Rozmiarek even has a favorite one.

Apparently, the favorite sign of all is the one that read, "Cows have hooves because they lactose.”

"It's just plain funny and I laugh even now when I say it. That one went viral and everyone seemed to love it. I didn't offend any cows," he told The Denver Channel.

Most of the other signs are similar puns and jokes.

From several different plays on words to just straight-up jokes and one-liners, the jokes are hilarious and they don't offend anyone. The real fun in it all is that they are lighthearted and they are easy for everyone to understand and get in on.

People can also get in on the fun.

While the jokes itself are great, people can also submit and work with Vince on submitting their own puns and jokes to be published on the sign. All you have to do is submit a good one over here on the website.

Clearly, this town has as serious sense of humor.

We can't help but love to see a town get its name and recognition for something as fun and lighthearted as punny signs.

Good job on Rozmiarek and the entire Indian Hills town! Makes us want to go visit!