20 Times Humor Was Hiding In The Strangest Places

It is almost an unspoken game amongst people nowadays to try and hide the most obscure jokes around the world — and it is definitely a game that I can get on board with!

So, from people who love nothing more than sticking googly eyes onto things to individuals who joked about endangered angels, here are 20 times humor was hiding in the strangest places.

"A house that has a 'little free library' that looks like the house."

I assumed that this was a mailbox, but the fact that it is a tiny library makes it even cuter.

"Found while digging through some old cables at work."

Nothing like a random dinosaur fact to brighten up your day? Who doesn't like dinosaurs...well, probably Sam Neill at this point.

"Advice that I can't argue with."

I never thought about it like that before. Christ, we all need to start recycling straight away!

The Contingency Plan!

This must be in an area where zombie outbreaks are quite frequent, they always cause havoc with your commute time as well.

An Umbrella Appears When He Gets Wet!

Ideally the umbrella would appear before he gets wet! But I suppose this is still pretty cool...

"At just the right time of day this weird silhouette painting on the ground finally makes sense!"

Someone with some real issues added, "Until then and after it's the very hungry caterpillar with a severe cordyceps infection."

"The P on the sign has a dog face in it."

Sometimes your dogs need a place to park themselves, so it's nice to see some locations giving them the appropriate space to do so.

"Record shop for mice!"

It is about time that mice got their own record store. I hate queueing behind them at HMV.

"My beer is shaming me."

The one thing that I do not want to hear from a crate of beer is judgement, save that for the hangover!

"Found under a bridge adjacent to a strip club in Miami."

Oh dear, I don't think that Princess Peach or Daisy will be very happy when they see this. And aren't Mario and Luigi supposed to be using comically large gold coins, not dollar bills?

"Found on my baguette!"

I had a grandfather who used to keep an old baguette by his bed at night in case of intruders.

"Buzz and Woody trying to get back to Andy."

This is actually a clip from Toy Story 7, the one where Andy doesn't tax his car and it gets towed.

"For best results..."

Yeah, if you try and drink something from that end then you only get about a spoonful!

"Found a gnome shack on my way home."

I would just be waiting for an angry gnome to leap out and scream at me to get off his lawn.

"The side of my big mug. It has a design saying 64oz in the style of gasoline's octane rating."

"If I want to be a car then I can be a car!"

"Please, Dave, don't make me take you the hospital to get your stomach pumped again."

*Chugging sounds intensify...

"Can't let those little buggers escape."

Nothing is faster or sharper in this world than a cat that doesn't want to get into a bath.

"Someone's had a bad day at work."

Nothing screams being furious quite like decorating a scone with angry jam faces! It's such a pure and yet earnest expression to do something like this, don't you think?

Good To Know!

So, when he dies has he left instructions for someone to update the bench? Or is this his way of vicariously living forever?

"This pole I found..."

Good to see that Marge has finally decided to change up her look by going from blue to green. She has had that look for quite some time now.

"Spied this guy in Walmart."

I wonder if the person who invented googly eyes ever knew how massively they would take off?

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