I'd Very Much Like To Sign Up For This Slip N' Slide At A Retirement Community

The residents of the Riverside Lodge Retirement Community still know how to have a good time. And it's all thanks to a dedicated and devoted team of staff members.

Last month, in an effort to beat the heat, Riverside Lodge decided to have a gigantic water fight. Judging from the smiles in all the pictures, it sure looks as if good times were had by all.

The day kicked off with residents sitting opposite one another, blasting handheld water cannons.

As you can see — these gals came to play. It looks like the one on the end might be wearing a hair net to keep from ruining her curls.

I totally respect it.

Things quickly escalated into an all-out war!

The staff saw how much fun the residents were having and decided to join in. It appears the rules of water hand cannon engagement were ignored completely as one staff member decided to dump a bucket of water on the other's head.

But without a doubt, the best part of the entire day was the slip-n-slide.

The staff went all out by rigging an inflatable chair with ropes in order to pull the retirees across a watered-down tarp. It almost felt as if they were being dragged behind a boat skidding across the open water.

So far, the photos shared from that day have gone on to receive thousands of likes and countless comments.

Facebook user Elizabeth Carruth said, "HATS OFF to the ladies that help pull the rafts for those willing to have fun!!!! Some people are just wonderful!!!"

I don't know about you, but I'm totally trying this out in my backyard — who's with me? Leave a comment and let us know.