Teen Accidentally Moves Into Retirement Home: 'This Could Be A Sitcom'

Many young adults can't wait to move out of their parents' or guardian's homes and start their own life journeys. However, things seldom go according to plan, as we usually have more than a dozen "live and learn" moments in our youths.

This is especially true for one 19-year-old girl who signed a lease without viewing the apartment first, and ended up accidentally moving into a retirement home.

Although not an ideal situation, we have to admit it's actually pretty hilarious.

Madison Kohout was excited to leave Oklahoma and start her new life in Arkansas

As Insider reported, Kohout had been eagerly researching apartments in Arkansas and found one that looked positively perfect.

So, before even seeing it in person, she decided to move in. Just a few days after officially signing the lease, she headed to the apartment and was treated to one very unexpected surprise.

She discovered her new apartment was a retirement home.

It didn't take long after arriving for Kohout to notice that she had made a pretty huge mistake, particularly after getting to know her neighbors.

Who just all happened to be over the age of 65 and enjoying that good old retirement life.

It was an easy mistake that any of us could have made.

Although it's equal opportunity housing for all ages, the living community she moved into is specifically meant for seniors.

For only $350 a month, Kohout had leased a spacious two-bedroom surrounded by the elderly. But at those prices, we're not sure we'd take much time to read the fine print, either. Sold!

She decided to stay and make TikTok videos about her experience.

While some may not think it's the best fit for a 19 year old to live in a community with people enjoying their golden years, Kohout has been having a great time with her new neighbors.

From delicious home-cooked meals to enthralling stories, Kohout has found something few find outside of their hometowns or even at all: family.

Her TikTok videos have gone viral.

Her first video about moving into the senior home has over 660,000 likes, while her others that continue the story have around 50k likes.

People have been thoroughly amused and intrigued by this story, with one person even commenting, "This could be a sitcom."

Kahout has kept her eager followers updated on life inside a retirement community as a teenager.

In this video, she explains that she doesn't have to worry about noisy neighbors at night, since most of them go to bed before she's even come home at the end of the day.

"One major perk is that I can play music whenever I want to," she explains, "because some of them can't hear."

Kahout also revealed that her community is the perfect place to get all the latest gossip.

But perhaps the sweetest, most wholesome perk of her new living situation is that all of her neighbors are always eager to ask the teen how she's doing today.

Do your neighbors do that?

Let us know in the comments what you think of this plot twist story and if you've heard of someone making a similar happy mistake.

h/t: Insider

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