Unsplash | Vinicius "amnx" Amano

PEZ Debunks Viral TikTok Hack By Showing Us The Correct Way To Load Dispensers

TikTok is riddled with a lot of so-called hacks that people are posting. It's pretty much become the go-to platform to learn how to do something more efficiently. There are plenty of how-to videos that will save you precious time and save your sanity.

However, a new video is currently causing some controversy, and it's actually being debunked by the company that makes the product.

So what's the product in question, you ask?

It's the PEZ dispenser. A video that has now gone viral is making everyone question how they load the dispenser. Now, let's look at it further to see what all the fuss is about, okay?

The video in question shows that you can insert the entire unwrapped PEZ candy roll into the dispenser.

According to the video, you do so by putting it through the bottom. Then when you push down, the wrapper actually comes out, leaving the candy inside the dispenser.

Did you know you can do that?

I definitely didn't. As a kid, I painstakingly inserted each candy by hand. Ha, ha! Is that how you did it, too? Well, nobody taught me to do it any other way, so there's that.

So how can this person just do that with no problem?

Well, the truth is — it's not possible. This viral TikTok video is a lie. You can't actually do that at all. In fact, the company itself has debunked this video since it came out.

I knew this whole thing seemed fishy.

I mean, if it were that easy, somebody would have told us about it, no? You better believe it. So the company is now showing the "proper" way to do it. Let's check it out.

Here's the video that PEZ candy posted on their Instagram account.

See, it isn't as easy as the other TikTok video made it look. The company has confirmed that you absolutely cannot insert a wrapped PEZ candy into the dispenser.

Yes, doing it the proper way may not be as fun as the other method.

But the company is still challenging you to do it as well as they did. If you can grab all the candy and insert it into the dispenser in one swoop, you get bonus brownie points hee-hee.

So my question to you is — can you do it?

To get it right, you have to hold the stack together using your thumb and index finger. Then, you can slide the candy through. Pinch the sides of the plastic to ensure the candy doesn't fall out on the other side.

Are you up for the PEZ challenge?

I would like to see you repeat this process. Why not make your own video on TikTok showing your PEZ dispenser loading prowess? Come on! Let's make this video go viral, too.