Teacher Builds DIY Portable Stage To Allow Graduates To Receive Their Diplomas In Person

Graduation is such a special time in a young person's life. It's something many high school kids look forward to, no? They want to celebrate their awesome achievements with all their loved ones.

That's not what kids were able to do this year due to COVID. So, this one teacher came up with a brilliant and amazing idea to ensure that students still got their graduation moment.

Ray Gowlett is a health and physical education teacher at Central Algoma Secondary School (CASS) in Ontario, Canada.

Unsplash | Christina @ wocintechchat.com

He was disappointed that this year kids couldn't attend graduation ceremonies due to COVID restrictions. After speaking with his daughter, who's also a graduate this year, he envisioned his plan.

His daughter Sadie told him that every student would love to walk the stage to receive their diploma.

Unsplash | Adetayo Adepoju

And he came up with the concept of a portable stage that can come to a student's doorstep. OMG, what an incredible idea, huh?

So, he got permission from the school to get it organized.

Everybody got on board and started to make it happen. Gowlett obtained the necessary materials and a trailer to execute the stage through local community members. It was truly a combined effort.

Even though Gowlett is getting all the praise, he happily acknowledges that about 20 other people worked behind the scenes on this project.

The portable ceremonies were held in front of the kids' houses, with only 10 people permitted to witness them, so as to adhere to COVID regulations.

A teacher was present at each of the ceremonies.

So, there was someone to hand the diploma over to the graduates. I bet that was so special for each and every one of them. The fact this teacher thought of the idea speaks volumes of him.

This is the best story I have heard about in a long time.

It truly brings a tear to my eye. A teacher like this is so hard to find. The kids at this school are blessed to have somebody who cares about them as much as this guy.

I'm not the only one who recognized the servitude of this man.

A video posted on TikTok talking about this very event should be going viral by now. It's truly heartwarming to see this story unfold. And all the comments are really positive and uplifting.

Everybody is praising this amazing man because he is truly a teacher extraordinaire.

He didn't have to go above and beyond for his students but did it anyway. His heart is definitely in the right place. Teachers like these need to be recognized.

If this story didn't warm your heart, then I don't think you have one.

Let's help get this story out there, so it might inspire other people to act selflessly like this. Who knows? Maybe we can even start some kind of positivity movement inspired by this idea.

h/t Insider