The Internet Has Some Questions After A Woman Painted Her Couch Pink

Did you know you can paint couches?

I didn't until very recently. Fabric dye and paint has come a long way (apparently), and these days you can totally paint your couch if you don't like it.

Take this couch for example — after grabbing it on Facebook marketplace, one clever TikTokker decided it needed to be the best color in the world: pink.

Okay, so where's where all this insanity started.

TikTok user @kiersay decided that her couch wasn't cutting it anymore. And since (to quote her) "Money doesn't grow on trees in my neighborhood," a new one wasn't really in the cards, either.

So, paint.

Kiersay's TikTok declaring she wanted to paint her couch blew up.

It garnered over a million views and thousands of comments. A lot of people were confused — can you even paint a couch? (Yes, yes you can, thanks to fabric paint.)

People were a little worried.

A ton of people suggested just getting a pink couch cover. Kiersay said she wasn't too comfortable with sewing, and that paint was more in her wheelhouse. So, paint it was.

She went for it, though.

The first primer layer sure did look interesting. Kiersay said she didn't have a lot of hope for the project after seeing what one layer of the base looked like. I can't blame her, tbh.

Those first pink layers looked a little rough.

But Kiersay said adding the pink made her confidence in the DIY go up, so she kept going. It took a good four layers of paint for the color to start to even out.

She opted for a two-tone look.

Thankfully, doing the light one first meant that she could cover up any drips with her darker color. You can see her vision really start to come to life here.

Honestly, it turned out kinda great.

Would I ever do this? No. Do I respect that she did it and succeeded at it? Absolutely.

Kiersay said the fabric wasn't as soft as it was, but that it was still very comfy and more leather-like with the paint.

People still thought recovering it would have been easier.

And those people are wrong! Recovering an entire couch would be mad expensive — we're talking hundreds just for the fabric. That is not exactly easy on the wallet, is it?

Thankfully, some people recognized her ingenuity.

Her couch is vintage, and she did her best to make it into the couch she wanted. If the paint wears down, she'll save up for a cover!