DIYer Uses Chalkboard Paint On Her Fridge So She Can Write Passive-Aggressive Notes

TikTok truly is a magical place.

You can learn dances, find new songs, try out some trends, or buy from a small business! Or you can get onto the part of TikTok I'm on, which is hilarious DIY-ing. It's the best part, in my opinion.

Take @kaaattteeeeee for example. She decided the best way to get her roommates to do things in their house was to paint the fridge in chalkboard paint. Let's see what happened.

Here's the situation:

"Watch me transform my fridge by painting it with chalkboard paint so I can leave passive-aggressive messages to my housemates about toilet paper and eating my popcorn."

Well damn, alright. Let's do it.

Yeah, that fridge badly needed a good cleaning.

I had no idea fridges could rust on the outside. You learn something new every day on this crazy planet of ours, am I right?

Anyway, wear a mask when sanding. XOXO, Kate and I.

Next came priming and painting.

Always use primer when painting...well, anything, actually. If you skip primer, be prepared to have to redo your entire project in a few months. TRUST ME, do the priming.

She had some truly fascinating thoughts while painting.

Honestly, it was way easier to paint it inside. Painting it outside would involve unplugging and moving it, and that's way too much work. No thank you.

She also had some hot Jake Paul takes.

If you could fight any internet influencer, who is it, and why is it Jake Paul?

(My answer: because of who he is as a person, and because his series with Shane Dawson was annoying as heck.)

But what did she end up writing on it, anyway?

Kate made good on her promise to leave passive aggressive notes about the dishes.

She used everyone's favorite cringe-y Grey's Anatomy quote to tell people to do the damn dishes.

She's also been using it to troll her commenters.

Well Mitch, you sure did get your joke. Now grab your scrubber brush and some dish soap, because you're on deck to do the dishes. Doesn't matter if you live there — get it done.

Her commenters thought she wasn't being passive aggressive enough.

Kate explained she actually really likes her roommates, so of course she wasn't going to go for blood with her notes. However, she did one goofy message for everyone, anyway!

TBH, it's all about that kangaroo.

Kate decided to jump on the Adult Swim meme train and do her own version, but she went for a kangaroo drawing alongside her [AS]. I don't understand it, but I love it.